Game of Thrones actor on how fast season 7 is racing through plot points

'No matter how you pace it, it’s probably going to seem like it’s happening pretty fast'

Game of Thrones is pushing toward its conclusion at quite a rate now (just look how far Jon Snow has travelled lately), which is making for some very exciting episodes but leaving many fans wondering if the showrunners didn't leave themselves too much story to wrap up in just two season.

This matter was put to Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish actor Aidan Gillen by the New York Times this week, which pointed out to him: "The show has gotten much faster, narratively."

He replied:

"There’s a lot of story still to tell. But a lot of this is what people have been waiting to see happen, and alliances people have been hoping for for so long. No matter how you pace it, it’s probably going to seem like it’s happening pretty fast. But the audience has to always feel they’re privy to intimate moments. There was a beautiful moment in last night’s episode with Daenerys and Jon Snow — it’s great to see her show that vulnerability again. Despite the breakneck pace of development, it’s important for the makers to take their time with those moments."

It's definitely nice to have a lot going on in the final two seasons of the show, but perhaps a shame the narrative wasn't weighed a little differently, with Daenerys making it out of Essos earlier, for instance.

Elsewhere in the interview, Gillen was told how some fans want Arya to end up wearing his face.

He had an idea of his own: "I may wear her face."

Game of Thrones season 7 continues on HBO, Sky Atlantic and through NOWTV on Sunday nights.

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