Game of Thrones season 7 theory: The season six scene that could explain why Daenerys is losing the war

** Spoilers for everything up to episode four, 'The Spoils of War'

Jack Shepherd
Monday 07 August 2017 10:09
Game of Thrones - Season 7 Episode 5 Preview

While Game of Thrones’ seventh season started with Daenerys looking to easily take Westeros from the Lannisters, there have been a few hiccups so far.

The Unsullied are currently trapped at Casterly Rock, Jaime having moved the Queen’s army from their home, raiding Highgarden. At sea, Euron managed to defeat the Dornish and fellow Greyjoys.

In short, minus one dothraki-dragon army wiping out a selection of warriors and leaving one character almost dead, the Lannisters have outsmarted Danny’s team at every pre-planned move.

Theorists believe there could be a spy among the team, feeding information to the outside world, hoping to topple the Targaryen.

Having already verbally sparred with the sneaky Varys, some fans believe the eunuch may be playing both sides, making Cersei aware of Danny’s plans. However, there seems little reason for Varys to be loyal to Cersei, so perhaps there’s another way she’s one step ahead.

As we saw last season (and pointed out by Vanity Fair), the creepy maester Qyburn has become the master of the "little birds”, Varys former legion of spies. As Qyburn says during one season six scene: "They're your birds now, my grace." Watch below as Cersei orders her new 'army' to watch all her enemies.

Cold Qyburn be keeping tabs on their former leader? Very probably. The little birds, after all, were spying on Danny, surely Qyburn could order them now to watch Varys, perhaps even lead him on?

Exactly how the Mad Queen has managed to attain this information remains a mystery. As we saw last episode, when Danny doesn’t tell anyone about her plans, she wins in a blaze of glory. some more impulse dragon riding could be the key to victory.

Meanwhile, during the same episode — titled ‘The Spoils of War’ — we saw two Starks finally reunite, one person almost drown, and some major callbacks in Winterfell.

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