The Grand Tour: Terrifying Jeremy Clarkson head being transported around America for stunt

Where is it headed? And, dare we ask, for what nefarious purpose?

Clarisse Loughrey
Tuesday 06 December 2016 10:19

Everyone's very aware of the fact Amazon Prime's new driving show, The Grand Tour, is banked entirely on the star power of its presenting trio: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

Yet, whoever's behind its latest promotional stunt just wanted to underline that point in the most grandiose way possible: by transporting a giant 8-foot sculpture of Jeremy Clarkson across the United States of America.

Several Twitter users have snapped the sculpture as it journeyed through Washington state, strapped to the back of a truck; with perceptive Reddit users pointing out that Amazon is actually based in Seattle, which may provide an answer to the head's final destination.

Is Amazon planning their own version of Mount Rushmore? Or is this just part of some mammoth statue that will stride across the Amazon headquarters like the Colossus of Rhodes?

The Grand Tour did seem to acknowledge its part in the stunt; with its official Twitter account retweeting several of the snaps with comments such as, "Warning: Avert your eyes now. Found another one, this time, a close up." and "Well this is going to scar tourists going to Seattle."

Furthermore, it then posted a mysterious image which seemed to reveal a sculpture of James May's head was also in the works, with one of Hammond's then presumably also in existence somewhere. 

The show is also still currently filming, with a shoot recently wrapped in Scotland; so there's a chance the sculptures will crop up in a future episode, though who knows in what plausible context.

Amazon certainly does have plenty to celebrate, with The Grand Tour's premiere episode becoming Amazon Prime’s most-watched premiere in the streaming service's history; waylaying any fears that the alleged $250 million price tag wouldn't justify itself, though Clarkson has since claimed that figure is far less in reality.

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