James Corden attacks Anne Hathaway's 'awful British accent' in epic rap battle

The pair squared off on the Late Late Show - with a flurry of disses about Catwoman, the Oscars, and getting "Hathaslayed"

Clarisse Loughrey
Thursday 26 May 2016 08:58

The host of The Late Late Show will never allow Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway to forget, or forgive, her sins; specifically that vaguely bizarre attempt at a Yorkshire accent in 2011's One Day.

Hathaway and host James Corden faced off in a new segment for the talk show, entitled Drop the Mic; in which contestants engage in an epic rap battle, hurling put-downs and boasts until one emerges as the victor.

And, though Corden admitted the actor is almost too "talented and sweet" to be targeted with abuse, he certainly didn't hesitate in launching into a full frontal assault on that notorious accent; proclaiming, "This isn't just for me/ it's for the whole UK/ mad at your awful British accent in the movie One Day".

Elsewhere, the host went deep on the box office flop of 2008's Get Smart, the idea that Halle Berry is the only true Catwoman, and the utter improbability of Hathaway ever being asked back to host the Oscars; though her own skills in the rap game could prove useful if she's keen to make it up to the Academy for the stilted weirdness of her co-hosting duties with James Franco in 2011.

Indeed, the actor's always been a fantastic sport, managing to land some heavy blows in her verses; joking, "I can't make fun of you, James/ 'cause no one's heard of you", before admitting she just watches Seth Myers instead. She's right, Corden truly got "Hathaslayed".

Hathaway turned up to The Late Late Show to promote her role as The White Queen in the Disney sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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