‘Irony, anyone?’: Twitter teases Jeremy Clarkson as ‘stupid biplane’ disrupts filming on new TV show

'Was it James May?' asked several people

Louis Chilton
Wednesday 12 August 2020 12:49
Jeremy Clarkson gets visibly emotional bidding farewell to The Grand Tour tent

Jeremy Clarkson has complained that someone flying a “stupid biplane” over his farm ruined a whole afternoon’s filming.

The controversial ex-Top Gear host is currently filming an Amazon docuseries called Jeremy Clarkson: I Bought a Farm, in which the presenter attempts to run a farm in the British countryside.

“An afternoon’s filming f***ed by some Biggles t*** in his stupid biplane,” fumed Clarkson on Twitter.

The presenter’s comments weren’t exactly met with heartfelt sympathy by everyone on the social media website, with many people teasing the presenter over the production mishap.

“Was it James May?” asked several commenters, referring to Clarkson’s The Grand Tour co-host, who is not involved with his agricultural project.

“Somebody buy Biggles a pint,” wrote another.

Someone else made reference to Clarkson’s much-publicised fondness for high-powered motor vehicles, writing: “Ruined by a large internal combustion engine. Irony, anyone?”

While there was plenty of mirth at Clarkson’s expense, some comments didn’t quite see the funny side of his remarks.

One Twitter user wrote: “A Biplane, which uses less FPH than your Fuel Guzzling cars which get stuck in traffic. Get your head together before you start having a go at someone who’s enjoying themself.”

Clarkson has often been criticised for his sceptical comments regarding the global climate emergency, and for promoting the use of several high-polluting motor vehicles.

He left the popular BBC car-based series Top Gear in 2015 following an “unprovoked physical attack” on one of the show’s producers.