Lady Gaga’s ‘Million Reasons’ raw mic feed from SNL is absolutely flawless

There was definitely no miming in her piano ballad performance

Say what you like about Lady Gaga’s songwriting - her output has been a little inconsistent - but damn does she have a powerful and well-trained voice.

This much is clear in isolated vocal videos from her recent performances on Saturday Night Live.

‘A-YO’ (below) is pretty strong, but it’s in ‘Million Reasons’ (above) that her voices really soars, in a very nearly note-perfect performance.

The piano, guitar and as much of the drums as sonically possible are stripped away, allowing you to really hear her belt out the chorus with some very controlled melisma.

A raw mic feed of Adele previously highlighted the singer’s incredible voice, while one for Kurt Cobain showed the beautiful grit in his vocals.

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