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Love Island catch-up: Molly Mae left fuming after learning public thinks she's after money, and 3 other talking points

All the latest from the Spanish villa

Lowenna Waters
Wednesday 26 June 2019 23:09
Love Island 2019: Amber and Anna react to Danny and Arabella kissing

Well, well, tonight's Love Island episode was exactly what the doctor ordered, wasn't it? It had love triangles, it had Tommy-isms, and it even had a savagely entertaining task. What more could you want?

First up, the islanders were informed that they'd all be taking part in an 'Online Buzz' challenge, which saw them learning exactly what the viewing public really thought of them, as couples read out tweets to one another sent in by the public and had to guess the missing words in them.

The task worked wonders, as it managed to introduce some good old fashioned snakery into the villa, with Lucie Donlan trying to come between Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury after the challenge raised a couple of uncomfortable home truths.

Furthermore, viewers were left questioning Curtis and Amy's relationship, after the professional ballroom dancer seemed cold when questioned about the future of their romance.

After an explosive week in the villa, tonight's episode had a lot to live up to, and it absolutely did. Another stone cold classic!

Molly-Mae is left fuming after public suggests she's just in it for the money

Molly-Mae was left fuming following tonight's 'Online Buzz' challenge. The aim of the game was for islanders - in their couples - to correctly guess the words missing from tweets sent out by the public about their time in the villa, and then to be the first one to buzz in with the answer.

However, the 19-year-old social media influencer was furious after one tweet about her suggested she's "playing the game", and another said: "Nah BLANK deserves more than BLANK she doesn’t like him, she likes 50k."

Yes, the blank was Molly. Later in the beach hut, speaking to Tommy, she said, "Wow, I'm actually fuming." We don't blame you, Molls, we would be, too.


Is Curtis over Amy?

Some Love Island viewers have become convinced Curtis is over Amy after his unenthusiastic response to their romantic status and relationship plans. On the show, Amy, 26 asked Curtis, 23, whether he thinks they'd still work on the outside. Curtis' response? A rather unimpressed "yeah", followed by the non-committal, "We don't know what's going to happen." Ouch, Curtis. Just ouch. Could there be trouble in paradise?

Molly-Mae asks about 'licking the palms' of Tommy's feet

We've all come to adore the quirky language that's a cornerstone of any Love Island experience, and tonight's episode was no exception. To begin with, Molly-Mae said she'd "lick the palms" of Tommy's feet... yes, she actually said that. Then, just so that we weren't disappointed, Tommy said he'd like help to 'refreshifise' his memory. Oh Love Island, you really are something else.


Lucie and Tommy's 'friendship' is thrown into the spotlight, and some uncomfortable truths are brought to light

This evening on Love Island, surfer girl Lucie wasn't ruling out a possible romance between her and boxer Tommy Fury. Speaking to Maura and Anna after the 'Online Buzz' challenge, Lucie said: "It’s just mad because obviously I’ve had friends as guys and at stages, I have actually ended up dating them at the end." When Maura asked her "Never say never?" Lucie replied "We can say that."


Catch up with all the action from tonight’s episode as it unfolds LIVE below.

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2


Hello and welcome to the latest Love Island live blog!

Jacob Stolworthy26 June 2019 19:04

Catch up on all the goss from last night's episode, including Amber and Danny's clash over his kiss with Arabella, and Tommy and Curtis' bromance... 

Lowenna Waters26 June 2019 19:27

Tonight will see the contestants learn what you, the viewing public, think of them – so yeah, a pretty entertaining episode ahead.

Jacob Stolworthy26 June 2019 19:28

Yesterday, Amber and Anna were desperately trying to deal with the fall out of their friend Yewande's shock eviction, after Danny decided to choose model Arabella over her, despite only having known her for a couple of days. Let's just say things got heated in the Spanish villa...

Lowenna Waters26 June 2019 19:48

Arabella tried to calm the whole situation down by saying: "Let's just all get on and move forward." Sadly enough for her, things weren't resolved quite that easily. 

Lowenna Waters26 June 2019 19:55

Another shocking revelation to come out of last night's episode was a sex website crashing due to an influx of searches for the 'eagle' position. Well, it is Love Island, after all... 

Lowenna Waters26 June 2019 20:15

Not long until tonight's episode begins now, Love Island fans! We can barely contain our excitement. We hope you've got your branded water bottles at the ready... 

Lowenna Waters26 June 2019 20:35

So, there are only minutes to go! What do you have to look forward to tonight, I hear you cry? Well, you're in for a treat. Feathers are expected to be ruffled in the Spanish villa this evening, as Love Island's infamous Twitter challenge returns, allowing islanders to learn what the public really think of them. Molly-Mae feels threatened; Tommy Fury and Lucie Donlan's friendship is called into question, and Amy Hart remains confident in her relationship with Curtis. Don't go anywhere, because tonight's episode is set to be a good'en. 

Lowenna Waters26 June 2019 20:53

And we're off! What a strong toothbrushing montage to open... it bodes well.

Lowenna Waters26 June 2019 21:03

"Are you saying a computer guy has to date a computer girl?" Maura is already opening the episode with some classic Love Island wisdom. 

Lowenna Waters26 June 2019 21:06

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