Madge proves herself Queen of Parody singing ‘B**** I'm Madonna’ on Jimmy Fallon

Bling, hip thrusts...Madonna wasn't taking herself too seriously while performing her new single (we think)

Jimmy Fallon may have got more than he bargained for from Madonna
Jimmy Fallon may have got more than he bargained for from Madonna

The Queen of Pop put talk of her Brit Awards fall from grace firmly behind her – and indeed left Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon flat on his back in apparent awe – with her first rendition of “B**** I’m Madonna”.

The 56-year-old’s next single contains so many nods to “youf culture”, not to mention featuring Nicki Minaj and with a little help from Diplo and Rocco, it might even help her return to the Radio 1 playlist.

Dear Madge, wearing enough bling to make Goldie jealous, actually looked like she’d borrowed Doctor Who’s Tardis and gone back to her ‘80s heyday.

She also proved that you’re never too old for hip thrusts – granting the floored Fallon with the dubious honour of her pelvic dance move as he used a vinyl version of Rebel Heart as a shield.

Her timelessness was proven when she sang a slightly less tuneful version of her 1983 megahit “Holiday” (with Fallon on drums) later on the show.

However, so far Madonna’s Rebel Heart album has been her worst-selling in two decades. Having debuted at number 2 in early March it fell down to number 22 on the Billboard 200 in its second week.

Experts have suggested that poor management surrounding the release– parts were leaked in December forcing it to be rushed out– may have contributed to poor sales.

Last month the singer urged the music industry to tackle ageism after her single, “Living for Love”, was dropped from Radio 1’s playlist.

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