Narcos season 2: Showrunners on season 3: 'We'll stop when the drug trade stops'

'We’ll stop when you stop. That’s our pact with America'

Jack Shepherd
Monday 05 September 2016 13:00

Season two of Narcos has finally hit Netflix, revealing the fate of Pablo Escobar after his escape from prison, the finalé leading to dozens more questions about those behind the Colombia drug trade.

Luckily, despite Wagner Moura stepping away from the series, Narcos will continue way into the future, as revealed by showrunners Eric Newman and José Padilha.

“We’ll stop when the drug trade stops,” Padilha told Variety, Newman adding: “We’ll stop when you stop. That’s our pact with America.”

Speaking about season two, the duo told the publication how focusing on 18 months of Escobar’s life, rather than 15 years, changed the show fundamentally.

“It allowed us to slow down and live with the characters a little bit more than we could have last season,” Newman told the trade. “Now we’re watching his empire collapse around him.”

Narcos hit Netflix on the 2 September and has received relatively positive reviews, currently holding a 76% Metacritic score.

Meanwhile, multiple new Netflix originals are hitting the streaming service this September, including Luke Cage. The full list is available here.

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