We can all relate to this 2-year-old's reaction to Planet Earth 2

'Oh a buzzy bee!'

Christopher Hooton@christophhooton
Monday 05 December 2016 13:44
We can all relate to this 2-year-old's reaction to Planet Earth 2

To watch Planet Earth II is to regress back to childhood. None of us really know anything about wildlife, so its scenes all come to our surprise and awe.

Week after week I sit there on the sofa going “woooooooow” as animals leap in and out of shot, a response not dissimilar to that of BBC presenter and scientist Dr Adam Rutherford’s 2-year-old daughter.

He posted a video of her commentating last night’s episode and she appears to be having a delightful time - overwhelmed by each creature as it comes on screen:

“Oh a buzzy bee! It’s a buzzy bee! A polar be-a goat! It’s a goat!”

The 42-second clip, which has already been retweeted hundreds of times, also sees her quite charmingly misidentify a sweeping grassland as a “garden”.

It brings to mind that time Aziz Ansari accidentally ended up narrating the show.

Planet Earth II has been a big hit with younger viewers, more of whom have been watching Sir David Attenborough’s nature show than this year’s X Factor.

Rutherford has promised more commentary from his daughter:

Planet Earth II is set to get political in next week's final episode, which will centre on cities.

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