Simpsons creator Matt Groening leads Comic-Con crowd in anti-Trump 'lock him up!' chant

The chant came after Groening confessed that writers had been asked to tone down jokes about Fox News

The Simpsons mock Donald Trump's first 100 days

Though The Simpsons hasn't shied away from its political leanings of late, taking every opportunity to mock Donald Trump, Matt Groening has still taken the opportunity to ensure his feelings are absolutely crystal clear.

At this year's Comic-Con panel for the show, the show's creator led the entire crowd in a chant of, "Lock him up! Lock him up!", reports The Huffington Post; a riff, of course, on the continuing use of "Lock her up!" by Trump supporters throughout his 2016 election campaign, an attack against Hillary Clinton often heard chanted within the crowd.

It came after he confessed that executives at Fox had asked the show's writers to go easier on Fox News after an episode aired a particular joke that the cable news outlet was "not racist, but no. 1 with racists".

"Then Bill O'Reilly called us pinheads and look what happened," Groening added, a reference to O'Reilly leaving Fox News in disgrace in the light of multiple sexual harassment allegations having now surfaced.

The Simpsons has a long history of mocking Trump, long before even those very first inklings of an election campaign; he was actually depicted as president in a nightmarish future envisioned back in 2000.

This season, he's been the target of several sketches by its writers; one saw him visited by the ghost of Nixon, delighted he's now become the "44th best president", while another depicted a ghoulish take on the first 100 days of his presidency.

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