The Simpsons: Watch Homer and Marge cast their vote for Hillary Clinton

'And that's how I became a Democrat'

Clarisse Loughrey
Monday 01 August 2016 08:34

The Simpsons are taking a stand.

Though the classic animated show has never shied away from making political statements, this may be one of its most bold and definitive yet; showing Homer and Marge lending their endorsement to candidate Hillary Clinton.

The bit takes inspiration from an ad once famously run by Hillary Clinton's political campaign; featuring a ringing phone at 3am, it asked Americans who they would want to take the call in such a moment of crisis. The Simpsons version shows Bill Clinton initially answer the phone, before realising it's - of course - for Hillary; who in turn rebukes, "Yes, from now on, it's always for me."

Switching over to GOP candidate Donald Trump: by the time he's paused his tweeting, applied his orange tan, and let the tiny dog that constitutes his hair settle down - China is already mid-invasion of the country. His solution? "Just build another wall! Yes, in the ocean, loser," he yells into his phone.

Such a political endorsement should be no surprise to fans; as a 2000 episode, entitled "Bart to the Future", had already eerily predicted a world in which Donald Trump became president of the United States, expressly intended as a "vision of America going insane".

The animated show had previously taken to task the election's general atmosphere of vitriol in another of its online shorts; in which Marge is startled awake by the echoes of election trash talk circulating in her mind.

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