Star Trek TV series 2016: First trailer hints it won't centre around a single ship this time

'New crews. New villains. New heroes. New worlds'

Clarisse Loughrey@clarisselou
Thursday 19 May 2016 08:41
Star Trek TV series 2016 - First trailer

Star Trek is returning to the small screen.

Side-by-side with the Hollywood film, CBS is launching a brand new series of the classic show, unleashing a short teaser in anticipation. There's very little to be revealed here, outside of the flashy new logo and a brief interplanetary trip; but it's still bound to get fans hyped for its grand return.

The new series comes courtesy of Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller, 2009's Star Trek movie writer Alex Kurtzman, and Eugene Roddenberry, son of original Star Trek creator Gene.

What's most intriguing about this entire trailer is actually the use of just two, simple words: "new crews". New crews, multiple? Will the new show be diverging from tradition and no longer centre on a single ship? That would fit with the rumours the show would work as an anthology series similar to American Horror Story of Fargo, with the first season taking place at some point between The Undiscovered Country film and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It would be a fairly logical move for CBS here, considering the single-ship premise has already been launched to screens with the new movies, acting as a cinematic reboot of the original Star Trek series; indeed, it's been reported the TV series won't be crossing over with the films in any way.

It's worth noting the show won't be aired on broadcast television, but on CBS' on-demand subscription service, which so far makes it likely the show won't be available to those outside of the US (at least without piracy).

The latest instalment of the cinematic Star Trek series, Star Trek Beyond, hits UK cinemas 22 July; with the new Star Trek TV series premiering in early 2017.

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