Chris Evans favourite to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear: Who are the other contenders?

As Clarkson's exit is confirmed we look at the potential candidates who could fill his shoes

Jess Denham
Wednesday 25 March 2015 13:18 GMT
BBC presenter Chris Evans is the favourite to replace Clarkson on Top Gear should the presenter be suspended
BBC presenter Chris Evans is the favourite to replace Clarkson on Top Gear should the presenter be suspended (Getty Images)

Chris Evans has been tipped as the favourite to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear following his sacking by the BBC.

However, the radio host has dismissed the rumours as "absolute nonsense", adding that the chances of him replacing the presenter was "never going to happen".

But anyone ready to step into Clarkson’s shoes surely must possess certain qualities if fans of the hit motoring show are going to feel like he never left.

Here’s just a few of the possible contenders:

Chris Evans

Chris Evans has dismissed claims he will replace Clarkson

Current job: Part-time One Show host and full-time Radio 2 breakfast presenter

Age: 48

Key Skills: A charismatic figurehead who has been on the media circuit even longer than Clarkson. He's also a Tory supporter and owns a vintage Ferrari so would be well suited to fill Clarkson's shoes.

Nigel Farage

British politician Nigel Farage (Twitter/Dave Weigel)

Current job: Leader of UKIP

Age: 50

Key skills: Admits he is like Marmite but has a thick skin. Racist ‘jokes’ inevitable to make Clarkson’s N-word and “slope” scandals look tame.

Katie Hopkins

Controversial TV personality Katie Hopkins (Channel 5)

Current job: Media commentator and reality TV star

Age: 40

Key skills: Famous for being 'the most hated woman in Britain'. Incredible ability to spark outrage with everything she says, even more so than Clarkson. One of his biggest fans. She is a woman though…shock horror.

Piers Morgan

Former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan

Current job: Journalist

Age: 49

Key skills: Loves the sound of his voice (in real life and on Twitter). Fan of the jeans and a suit jacket look. Ready to do almost anything to get one up on Clarkson.

Danny Dyer

EastEnders fan favourite Danny Dyer

Current job: Actor on EastEnders

Age: 37

Key skills: Loudmouth. Fan favourite for his larger-than-life personality. Sure to dominate Top Gear in much the same way Clarkson has done.

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is a less obvious choice to replace Clarkson

Current job: Actor and presenter

Age: 57

Key skills: Big ego. Extreme intelligence, which would “change the dynamic a touch” as some Twitter users are noting.

Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman would certainly tear the cars to pieces

Current job: Broadcaster

Age: 64

Key skills: Sure, he’s not exactly bidding for a slot on Top Gear, but having the same name as Clarkson has got to count for something. Famous for his aggressive interviewing style, he would no doubt enjoy passing harsh judgement on the cars and guests alike after leaving Newsnight.

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