The 100, E4, review: TV’s take on the dystopian teen fiction


Ellen E. Jones@MsEllenEJones
Thursday 10 July 2014 10:32
The 100, E4
The 100, E4

The 100, E4’s new sci-fi series, is set in the future, 97 years after human civilisation was destroyed by a devastating nuclear war.

The survivors live in a space station orbiting Earth, until they start running low on oxygen and decide to lighten the load by dumping 100 juvenile prisoners back to the planet’s surface.

The 100 do their best to survive, while back on board this sinister older generation monitors their progress.

This was TV’s take on the dystopian teen fiction (The Hunger Games, Divergent), which has recently made big money in the film and publishing industries.

The blend of young-adult drama and science fiction didn’t always work - it was a bit like a futuristic version of Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, that BBC3 reality show where parents spy on their offsprings’ first holidays - but The 100 entertained.

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