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Find the best TV & broadband packages in the UK

What is a TV and Broadband deal?

A combined TV and Broadband deal can save you a lot of time and hassle. It provides a one-stop solution for all your digital entertainment needs. A broadband and TV bundle can be far cheaper than paying for each service individually. There are lots of options in the market from which you can choose what best suits you and your family members.

How to find the best TV and Broadband deals?

Finding the most optimum and affordable solution for the best TV and Broadband deals depends on several factors listed below. These factors will help you decide on which is the best TV and broadband deals for yourself. Many service providers offer new customer deals to incentivize users to subscribe to their network.


The cost of the deal depends on several factors as mentioned below, while comparing the cost, you should consider payment plans. Faster download speed and unlimited downloads can raise the price of your bundle. It is always best to compare broadband and TV packages according to your needs and content requirements.

Hardware requirements

Some companies need specific new hardware for their service while others can work on your existing hardware devices. However, many companies provide the new hardware equipment without any additional cost based on a long-term subscription.


It is always advisable to check the network availability in your area. Some companies provide their coverage in limited areas. While some companies provide nationwide coverage. You should check the coverage area on the service provider’s website before subscribing. You can compare online by checking the best broadband deals in my area section and entering your postcode.

Customer service

Going offline can be so frustrating and good & honest customer service can provide the necessary relief. Customer service is a huge factor while choosing a broadband service. Always check for online customer reviews before opting for any service provider.

Freebies and add-ons

Some broadband and TV bundles come up with freebies and add-ons to attract new customers and upsell their existing ones. The value of these freebies can greatly benefit you in terms of the overall cost of the offering. However, you should never compromise on the basic features and quality of the service for these additional freebies and add-ons.

Channel Variety

The variety of the channels matter if you are a big-time TV watcher. Also if you have other members of the family to share the subscription, you should probably go for a service that offers a variety of different channels catering to all age groups living in the house.

Download speed and limit

These two factors of download speed and limit entirely depend on your usage of the Internet. If you are a heavy internet user, you might need high-speed internet with unlimited downloads. If you love to play online games and use HD streaming services, then both the speed and data limit should be on the higher side. If your only need for the internet is checking emails and browsing you can go for a cheaper and limited usage bundle.

For streaming, gaming, and music downloads, you should at least have a 40 GB usage limit with a high-speed broadband connection.

Which providers offer TV and Broadband deals?

Sky Broadband and TV

Sky offers over 150 premium channels of all sorts and genres. Sky sports are popular with sports enthusiasts because they broadcast some of the World’s biggest sporting events. Sky cinema regularly telecasts some blockbuster movies. If you are a big TV shows fan, then Sky Atlantic got you covered with some of the most famous American TV shows. Sky Broadband and TV bundle offer unlimited usage with multiple speed limits.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media broadband and TV deals provide you with a bundle of 370 plus TV channels with optional premium ones like Sky Cinema and BT sports. It also provides some of the fastest internet services in the country with packages ranging from 54 Mbps up to 362 Mbps ultra-high-speed internet. You can stream all the 4k videos seamlessly at such high speeds. It also provides you with unlimited downloads. Virgin media phone and tablet deals provide a good incentive to subscribe to their offering.


BT broadband provides high-speed internet that ranges from 17 Mbps to 67 Mbps with a wide coverage of areas around the country. If you are a football fan then you can watch English Premier League and Champions league on the BT sports. It also provides a variety of other channels like Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, and AMC.


EE broadband offers speed from 10 Mbps to 300 Mbps with unlimited data usage. Their broadband package is coupled with the 5G data plan for your phone. They offer super-fast fibre broadband without a telephone line. EE offers a wide variety of TV channels with an Apple 4k subscription including BT sports.

NOW Broadband

Now Broadband offers speed from 11 Mbps up to 63 Mbps with a flexible TV plan that you can customize according to your preferences. It offers 3 flexible plans with unlimited usage and zero activation fee. You can create your TV plan with channels of your own choice.


Plusnet is also owned by BT, which means that you can get access to BT sports with its subscription. It offers up to 70 free views and 20 premium channels with the TV package. Its Broadband speeds range from 11 Mbps up to 63 Mbps.


TalkTalk offers speed from 11 Mbps up to 300 Mbps ultra-high fibre optics speed. Its TV package offers over 100 Freeview and premium TV channels. TalkTalk boasts a wide coverage of its network which covers around 95% of the whole UK. It also provides customization in the choice of your favourite TV channels. It is one of the most affordable TV & Broadband providers in the UK. TalkTalk provides a speed estimation to you based on your location. Prices may vary depending on the length of the contract you signed up for.


Vodafone offers a Broadband speed that ranges from 35 Mbps up to 63 Mbps with a money-back guarantee of minimum speed according to your subscription. When it comes to TV, it provides a variety of premium TV channels including MTV, Fox, and Disney. It also provides a streaming option with Apple’s TV top box.

What are the benefits of getting a TV and broadband deal?

Variety: You can benefit from a bundled deal of TV and broadband if you love watching TV and browsing the internet at the same time. TV offers live sports exclusively on different channels while the internet offers a great variety of streaming services available only to the Internet.

Price: You can get a better price and bundle offers with a TV and home broadband packaged together rather than paying for each service individually.

Free gadgets & cash backs: Most providers incentivize their users with free gadgets like tablets, phones, and laptops when they sign up for a longer duration subscription of the TV and broadband deal.

Easy billing: Rather than paying different bills for different services, you can pay them together in a single account.

A Broadband and TV package can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle only if you use both services.

When should you not get a TV and broadband deal?

You should not get a TV and broadband deal if you don’t watch much TV. If you are not a user of the live transmission of news or sports league, that means you don’t need a TV. There are multiple streaming services like Netflix and Amazon prime on which you can watch movies, TV series, and reality shows. You can enjoy all these streaming services with a standalone high-speed broadband connection.

What channels can I get with a TV and broadband deal?

There are plenty of options in terms of TV channels provided by different service providers. These channels include both the Freeview broadband channels and premium ones. However, some of the premium channels are only exclusive to certain service providers. If you are a fan of watching TV, you should first check the list of TV channels provided in the TV and broadband deals by the service provider. BT Sports, Sky Sports, and Sky Cinema are provided by most of the service providers including BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, and Sky network. Prices may vary according to your package and the service providers. Sky Atlantic is exclusively available on Sky network and Now TV subscription.

What type of TV services are provided in Broadband and TV deals?

Satellite TV

Satellite TV requires a dish antenna installed outside your home and it is offered by Sky network. It gives you a wide range of selection and viewing options. Some of the popular satellite TV channels in the UK include Sky TV, Sky Sports, and Sky news.

Cable TV

Cable TV is offered by a physical underground fibre optic cable. Virgin Media has exclusive rights for Cable TV in the UK and its coverage is around 52% of all the UK. You can check its availability in your area by entering your postcode on their website.


Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon prime are offered to you through the Internet with a Smart TV, gaming consoles, and TV boxes.


IPTV is an internet protocol TV connection that is available through a fixed broadband connection. BT TV is a popular example of IPTV that is provided through the Openreach broadband network.


Freeview is a service available to you through a smart TV or a cable TV box once it’s connected to the Internet. It offers more than a hundred free-to-watch channels including BBC. It doesn’t have any subscription fee as long as you have a reliable internet connection.


Youview is a service very similar to Freeview broadband, it is available without a subscription fee and provides a variety of free-to-watch and on-demand content. BT and TalkTalk bundles provide a free TV box for Youview with their bundle offers.

Can I get a TV and broadband deal with a phone line?

The majority of the TV and broadband deals come with a phone line. To make these deals attractive, service providers offer a lot of free services with packages that include TV phones and broadband deals. These free services include free monthly minutes, free weekend calls, discounted international and premium calls. This model is widely used in the UK and it combines a fixed-line rent with your phone line.

Can I get a TV and broadband deal without a phone line?

You can still get a TV and broadband deal without a fixed-line rent. Although it’s difficult to find a standalone TV and broadband deal it is very much possible. Virgin Media, in the UK, owns its fibre optic network and it can provide you with a deal without a phone line. Even if you don’t use your phone line at all, it is still cheaper to pay for a line rent and get the best broadband, TV, and phone deals including line rental.

How do TV and broadband contracts work?

A TV and broadband contract is a legal contract between the users and the service providers. Failure to pay the obligations can result in penalties for the users. Since there is a lot of competition in the UK market, most of the contracts are designed in a way that makes it hard for the users to switch. It is very important to read all the terms and conditions before entering a contract with a service provider. There are several elements in a contract that includes, set up charges, upfront payments, moving home charges, late payment, and contract termination charges. A contract has responsibilities and obligations on both the user end and the service provider’s end. The office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman (OTELO) can help in a resolution between a buyer and the service provider.

Usually, a contract with a longer duration is cheaper than a short-term contract.

What is the best way to find the most suitable TV and broadband deal for me?

As discussed above you can find and compare Broadband and TV deals by keeping in mind these few important details. It depends on you, your budget, your usage, and your preferences. These factors will help you in getting the best broadband and TV deals in the UK.

Factors like speed, usage, customer service, cost, contract length, hardware, perks, bundles, and availability should be considered and compared.

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