Compare the best broadband, TV & phone packages

Compare the best broadband, phone and TV deals

A broadband package offers an internet connection along with other services, such as home phone and TV. Some providers offer mobile services as a part of their larger packages. Line rental is a common requirement for internet installation, as most broadband providers use phone lines to get you connected, so it makes sense to get a deal on both from the same provider. A broadband package is a loosely-defined product and it can take some shopping around to find the right deal for you.

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How to Compare Broadband Packages

There are several types of package available on the market at the moment, with customers able to bundle up to four services into one package, depending on the provider. Here are the services that major providers allow you to get as part of your broadband package:

  • Broadband
  • Home phone
  • TV
  • Mobile
  • Energy

The biggest broadband providers will offer up to four of these services in one package. Energy is the least common, with only a couple of providers (namely SSE and Shell) offering broadband and energy deals together. Major providers like BT, Sky, and Virgin Media offer internet packages which include a phone line, TV, and mobile services, which are the most comprehensive packages on the market.

If you have to get services like phone and TV anyway, it could be better to get them as part of your broadband deal. By doing this, you’re not only ridding yourself of having to pay several separate bills, you could also save money. Below, we’ve summarised the benefits of getting a broadband package:


Getting broadband and other services in a single deal will save you from paying several separate bills and will establish a single point of contact for all of these services. Even your customer support centre will be the same.

Reduced cost

To encourage the purchase of multiple services, providers often offer discounted rates for internet with a TV deal or a phone line included. So, instead of getting services separately, consdier a deal offering these services together and you could save yourself some money.


Providers often include cashback offers and freebies with broadband packages to encourage the sale of the bundle. This means that, by getting a bundle, you’ll not only get convenience but will also have a chance to get some added benefits, such as a free top-of-the-range router or TV add-ons like Sky Cinema included.

What to look for in a broadband deal?

Here are a few things that you must look out for when getting a broadband deal. Before you sign up, make sure you’re well aware of your own internet needs so that you don’t end up spending extra on something that you don’t need. Also consider whether or not you need fibre broadband.

Broadband speed

For some people, fibre broadband with a superfast download speeds of 30 Mbps might be enough, while larger households will need ultrafast fibre. Broadband speed has an impact on streaming quality. If you stream videos or music, or are involved in activities like online gaming, you should consider a fibre deal that offers fast average speeds.

The larger your household, the faster average speeds you’ll need - while small households can stream comfortably with superfast fibre, larger households may need ultrafast fibre. If your internet use is basic, a slower average speed will work just fine for you.

Compare fibre broadband to get the fastest speeds.

Download limit

Some internet deals offer unlimited broadband, while others have usage caps. Whether this matters to you will also depend on your internet usage. The best option is to get unlimited downloads, but if you don’t download a lot and can’t find an affordable deal offering unlimited downloads, you can look at other options.

Hardware requirements

If you’re switching to a new provider, you’ll need a new router and perhaps even new wiring, particularly if you’re switching to or from Virgin Media. Occasionally, upgrading a deal can require you to upgrade your hardware as well, which can incur setup costs. It’s best to understand the hardware requirements of a deal before you make your final decision.


Not all types of broadband services are available in your area. Some providers have stopped providing ADSL broadband because they’ve upgraded to fibre broadband. In areas where the infrastructure for fibre-optics is not available yet, residents can’t enjoy fibre broadband deals, though this represents only a small proportion of the population. We suggest you use a broadband postcode checker to find out the availability of fibre deals in your area.

What to look for in a phone deal?

Most broadband deals require line rental to get set up, even fibre broadband, so many internet providers offer a landline as part of the package. Virgin Media is the only major provider offering broadband without line rental. The majority of broadband providers will simply charge you on a pay-as-you-go basis for calls made, though some offer inclusive calls or the option to add calls packages for an extra monthly cost. Here’s what to look out for in a phone deal:

Free monthly minutes

One benefit of getting a phone deal with your broadband deal is that you can get incentives like free monthly minutes. For some people, these free minutes are enough for all their calling needs, while others may need more. Some deals come with unlimited calls at certain times of the day.

International call rates

If you make a lot of international calls, you should look for a deal that offers affordable rates for international calls. However, in doing that, you must not ignore the value provided by the package in general.

Free call rates

Some providers charge for calls only if they exceed a certain time limit. If your provider offers such free calls, it’s important to note how many initial minutes will be free (it’s usually an hour) and whether or not it will stay this way.

Free call periods

See if your provider offers a free call period right after you get a service and how long that period is. By comparing multiple home phone and broadband packages, you can choose the one that comes with the maximum benefits.

Landline to landline calls

Do you make a lot of calls to landlines? If so, you must find a rate that is affordable for you. You can choose a deal that allows a quota of landline calls if you can easily predict your usage, and some deals may even come with unlimited calls. You can also go for the default pay-as-you-go option if you don’t make this type of call a lot.

Landline to mobile calls

Calls to mobiles can have higher rates than calls to landlines. If most of the calls that you make are to mobile devices, it’s important to check the rates in your deal. Some may offer unlimited calls to mobile.

Compare mobile phone deals here.

What to look for in a TV deal?

Choosing a TV package to add to your broadband deal will mean limiting yourself to a handful of broadband providers. These include big hitters such as Virgin Media, Sky, and BT, though some smaller challengers are getting in on the action. Here are some things to consider when adding a TV package to your broadband deal:


Adding a TV package to your broadband deal is, for some, an essential, but this doesn’t mean you should pay over the odds. Providers like Virgin Media and Sky charge a premium for their channels. If you’re only interested in sports, it may be worth seeing if you can add Sky Sports or BT Sport to a package from one of the cheaper providers, such as TalkTalk or Plusnet, rather than pay for premium TV channels you don’t need.

TV channels

When choosing a TV deal, make sure you’re getting what you want.from the package. If you want to see all the Premier League action, it’s no longer enough to sign up for Sky Sports - many games are now shown on BT Sport, and some even on Amazon Prime! If you’re a film buff, Sky Cinema may seem like an essential, but bear in mind that this can be added to smaller providers’ (like Plusnet and TalkTalk) TV packages as well as Sky, and that streaming services like Netflix offer film packages to match them.

The best TV deal is one that suits your needs, so don’t fork out extra for TV channels you’re not going to watch. There are unlimited options in terms of adding TV services to your package nowadays, which offers customers a lot of flexibility. Streaming services are a great alternative and cost a lot less than traditional pay-TV.

How to choose the best broadband deal for me?

Choosing the best broadband deal for yourself can be tricky, but there is no need to feel overwhelmed. We have got you covered. Below are some of the factors that can help you in making an informed decision while choosing the best broadband package deals.


There’s no point in paying extra for services that you could do without. To choose the deal that works best for you, it is important to observe your internet usage. Work out the broadband speed and usage limit that will be enough for you to use the internet the way you want to. Once you’ve done that, the process of finding the right deal for yourself will become so much easier.

A superfast deal with broadband speeds of 30 Mbps will be enough for small households who stream videos or music on one or two devices. A larger household using many devices at once to stream and perform activities like online gaming may need ultrafast speeds, which offers average download speeds of 300 Mbps or more.

Bear in mind also that the upload speeds can be just as important as download speeds to some users, particularly those who upload content to YouTube or livestream on platforms like Twitch. These users will definitely need either a fibre broadband deal, as fibre internet offers much faster upload speeds than a standard broadband service.


A good deal is not the one that offers the maximum number of features and services, but the one that provides good value for money and suits your need. Comparing a few deals that fall under the same price bracket can help you find more value in the same amount of money. Don’t fall into the trap of paying for ultrafast fibre broadband if you don’t really need it.

Compare cheap broadband here.


You’re going to get a broadband deal anyway, so why not get some extra benefits with it as well? Internet providers offer incentives like additional services, new routers, cashback offers, and freebies to encourage sales. You may even get part of your TV deal included for free, such as free Sky Cinema channels. As long as you don’t have to compromise on what you wanted from the broadband deal in the first place, it’s a good option to find a deal that can offer you some added benefits.

Customer service

No matter how good a broadband provider is, there is a high probability that at some point you’ll need the help of a customer service representative to either solve a problem or to simply understand something better. Being with an internet provider that offers reliable 24/7 customer service is, therefore, a good investment.


When choosing a broadband deal, make sure that what you want is what you can have. The better speed offered by fibre-optics, particularly full-fibre broadband, makes this types of broadband the preferred option among many. Unfortunately, although the infrastructure is rapidly growing, not all areas have the required infrastructure to support fibre broadband. Before you start looking for a deal, find out what types of broadband you have access to and whether you can get a fibre deal.

Which providers offer broadband, TV and phone packages?

Broadband, TV, and phone packages are provided by several well-reputed providers including Virgin Media, Sky, TalkTalk, and BT. Each of these deals has its benefits. Some may be more suitable for you than others.

TalkTalk and Plusnet are good options if you’re looking for an affordable broadband and calls package and the ability to customise your deal according to your needs. Virgin Media offers complete packages, including TV deals and mobile add-ons, and is also known for its fast average speeds. Sky offers the most complete TV packages, with features like Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, though these can be added to most of the major broadband providers’ TV packages nowadays.

Do broadband and phone packages also include mobile phone services?

Some broadband and phone packages also include mobile phone services, but most of these broadband deals come with TV and landline services as part of the package. Having such a bundle can offer convenience in terms of billing, but it will also limit your options. Take a look at Virgin Media, Sky and BT if you’re interested in this sort of package.

Is line rental included in broadband packages?

Most broadband deals have line rental included in their charges. If your internet does not require line rental, which is only the case with Virgin Media, you can choose to get broadband and a mobile deal to avoid the line rental.

What is unlimited broadband?

Unlimited broadband is an internet package offering unlimited downloads to users. Most fibre internet deals are now unlimited, as streaming and reliance on the internet has meant that customers burn through more downloads than ever and data caps would result in overcharging on most bills. Do make sure your internet deal is unlimited before signing up, however, as you don’t want to be caught out by this and end up paying more than you bargained for each month.

Can I keep my phone number while switching to a different broadband and phone deal?

Except for Virgin Media, most providers will handle the process for you if you let them know that you want to keep your phone number. In the case of Virgin Media, you will have to contact the other provider yourself and make sure that your number remains the same after the transfer.

How long does it take to switch to a new broadband deal?

The time required to switch between different providers depends on when you decide to contact your new provider. Typically, the switch can take a few weeks, but if you contact the provider you are switching to earlier, you can avoid the risk of downtime and get you broadband service running with no interruptions.

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