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What is a broadband postcode checker?

Whether you want to switch to a provider that offers a better speed, upgrade to a package that offers multiple services at once, or you simply want to get the same speed at a cheaper price, a broadband postcode checker can come in handy to help you find the package that suits you.

A broadband postcode checker is a tool that helps you find the deals that are available in your area. All you have to do is to enter your postcode and select your address and current provider. The tool will show you all the available packages in your area. You can do this for the top providers of the UK and get your hands on the best deal available in your area.

What are the broadband services available in my area?

The broadband services available in your area will depend on the infrastructure available in your area. ADSL is a common form of broadband service that requires an infrastructure of copper wires and is available in most of the UK. However, providers are upgrading to newer types of broadband such as fibre-optic broadband and encouraging their customers to make the switch as well.

ADSL broadbandI

ADSL broadband, as mentioned earlier, is the most common form of broadband available in the UK. Covering 99.4% of the region, ADSL is even available in remote rural areas where the infrastructure of fiber-optics has not been reached yet. In such areas, people have to make do with ADSL pending when fibre-optics infrastructures will be installed in their area.

Fibre-optic broadband

Fibre-optic broadband uses a network of fibre-optics to deliver broadband services from the broadband exchange to different street cabinets. Internet is then supplied to the individual houses falling in the vicinity of those street cabinets using copper wire transmission. The nearer your house is to the cabinet, the faster speed you are likely to get. In general, fibre-optic broadband offers much higher speeds as compared to ADSL broadband. If you want to be sure about the broadband speed you can easily use the broadband checker to check broadband speed by postcode.

Cable broadband

Cable broadband is faster than the fibre-optic broadband provided through a fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) connection. The difference between cable broadband and fibre-optic using the FTTC connection is that the former does not use copper lines to transmit the internet from the cabinet to the premises. Instead, it uses modern cables that allow better speed than copper lines.

Full-fibre broadband

Full-fibre broadband is the fastest broadband but unfortunately, it is not as readily available as other forms of broadband due to a lack of infrastructure. A full-fibre broadband relies only on fibre-optics for the transmission of the internet from the broadband exchange to the home of the user.

Why does broadband availability vary from area to area?

Broadband availability varies from area to area based on the availability of the required infrastructure in a particular area. Your current provider might be offering full-fibre broadband deals, but they will be unavailable in your area if your area does not have the infrastructure to facilitate it. Our advice is to use a broadband postcode checker to see which type of broadband is available in your area and find the deals accordingly.

Why does broadband speed differ from area to area and how can I check the broadband speed in my area?

Factors that can affect the broadband speed from area to area include the distance of a particular premise from the street cabinet and the availability of ISPs. These are the factors that are beyond our control, but what we can control is looking for other options. It may be so that a certain provider can provide the same speed at better rates or a much better speed at the same rate. Use the broadband postcode checker to find out the deals available in your region and the different speeds they offer.

How can I get fibre broadband?

Fibre broadband, cable broadband, and full-fibre broadband, all make use of fibre optics at some level and offer better speed than a typical ADSL connection. However, not everyone has access to fibre broadband, the reason being a lack of the required infrastructure. You can make use of the broadband postcode checker to find out whether any fibre broadband deals are available in your area or not.

How can I learn more about the coverage offered by different broadband providers?

You can compare our list of the best broadband providers and compare the coverage offered by each of them. A broadband postcode checker will help you confirm exactly which service is available in your area. Comparing the deals and packages offered by different providers from time to time can not only introduce you to some great deals but also allow you to make the best of limited-time offers and freebies.

How can I find the best broadband tariff for me?

To find the best broadband tariff for yourself the first step is to understand your internet needs. It will do you good to understand your internet usage and decide the download limit and speed you want accordingly. Without this analysis of your internet needs, you can end up paying for more than you use or you can get stuck in a deal that does not offer enough.

Having realized your internet needs, the next step is to decide on your spending limit. Bearing these two factors in mind,, use a broadband postcode checker to see the best deals available in your region. A cost-benefit analysis of the available packages and deals will certainly guide you to the right decision. And if it doesn’t, you can always switch to another provider or upgrade to a better deal.