Sky Broadband Deals 2022

Learn about Sky broadband offers in August

What makes Sky Broadband a good option?

Although Sky is best known for its TV services and content, and live sports coverage, it now caters to all of the customers’ home entertainment and communication requirements. Users can flexibly add or remove premium features to their packages.

What does Sky Broadband offer its customers?

Other than standalone broadband deals, Sky also offers packages enabling users to add phone and TV services to their broadband. All Sky packages come with the option of Wi-Fi Guarantee and Broadband Boost.

Sky Broadband and Phone

Sky Phone and Broadband packages are bundles of broadband connection with any phone deal from a variety of available options. The Sky Broadband Essential includes free Weekend and Evening calls within the UK, however, per-minute charges are applicable if calls are placed at hours other than these.

Sky Broadband and TV

Opting for Sky TV offers along with your Sky broadband provides you access to over 300 channels. Moreover, you have the option to opt for Sky Cinema and Sky Sports both of which offer 11 dedicated channels each. You will get a Sky Q set-top box with any Sky TV deal, which will enable you to record up to five hundred hours of live TV.

Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Phone

If you sign up for a Sky TV and Broadband package, you will get unlimited evening and weekend calls with Sky Talk. Also, by paying a small additional fee monthly, you can upgrade your Sky Talk Plan to any time and International Calling services.

Do customers get any additional Sky offers and perks?

You can get optional offers and perks when you purchase a Sky broadband package, such as:

  • SkyTalk offers – it has four different tiers of talking plans namely the Pay as You Talk plan, Evenings and Weekends Talk Plan, Talk Anytime Plans, and Talk International Plans.
  • SkyTV – offers multiple entertainment options, including dedicated sports channels and kids’ entertainment.
  • Sky Broadband Boost – that offers a guarantee of Wi-Fi available on your premises.

Pros and Cons of Sky Broadband


  • Flexibility when adding or removing premium features in Broadband packages
  • Customers can add Phone and TV services to their Broadband
  • All Sky packages come with the option of Wi-Fi Guarantee and Broadband Boost
  • Some Broadband packages include free weekend and evening calls in the UK
  • Wide variety of Entertainment options with Sky TV


  • Broadband installation time can take up to 3 weeks if you don’t have an existing landline connection
  • To watch TV via Sky Q, you will need a satellite dish
  • Don’t have as many affordable options compared to other providers

What broadband speeds can I expect from Sky Broadband?

Sky offers broadband speed options ranging from its standard ADSL broadband comprising of basic speed, to its full-fibre broadband connections with high broadband speeds. Sky’s ADSL broadband is called Sky Broadband Essential. Sky provides its users with two full-fibre broadband options: Sky Superfast Broadband and Sky Ultrafast Broadband. These are perfect choices for larger households with heavy internet usage.

Fortunately for Sky customers, it has signed up to Ofcom’s Voluntary Code of Practice concerning broadband speeds, which means if you choose to get a Sky deal, the firm will first provide you with an estimate of the broadband speed you may expect, by taking a personalized speed test in your area. If Sky fails to provide you with that speed, you may register a complaint and allow the company a month to fix the issue. If the issue persists, even after 30 days, you can quit the contract without having to pay an early exit penalty.

At an additional monthly cost of £5, customers can get Sky’s Broadband Boost service, which provides routine broadband checks and expert visits to fix any potential issues in your line. This ensures you get good broadband connectivity around your premises.

Sky Broadband Essential

Sky’s standard ADSL broadband is Sky Essential. You have to pay a set-up fee for Sky Essential’s activation. Being an ADSL connection, it cannot provide the high speeds of fibre broadband but its average download speeds of 11Mbps and average upload speeds of 1Mbps make it a suitable option for households with fewer members and light internet usage. So, if you’re only requiring the internet for web browsing and occasional streaming, then you can benefit from Sky Essential Broadband. It is inclusive of a Pay as You Talk call plan.

Sky Broadband Superfast

Sky Superfast Broadband is its fibre-optic broadband with reliable connectivity. Sky fibre broadband partially makes use of fibre-optic cables, in addition to the conventional copper cables used in landlines, providing better connectivity and increased bandwidth. Sky Superfast offers average download speeds of 59Mbps and upload speeds of 16Mbps. It is fast enough to cater to larger household’s bandwidth and data requirements. It’s sufficient for streaming and online gaming. There is a set-up fee for Superfast, but it is inclusive of ‘Pay as You Talk’ call plan, and more importantly; it offers unlimited data.

Sky Broadband Ultrafast

Sky’s Ultrafast Broadband makes use of Openreach’s full-fibre network, connecting your home directly to the broadband exchange using fibre optics only and no phone copper lines at all. This enables the users to enjoy a faster and more reliable Sky internet experience. It’s a relatively new broadband service, therefore, currently, it has limited coverage. Sky Ultrafast Broadband offers average download speeds of 145Mbps and average upload speeds of 27Mbps. So, if you’re an avid TV streamer or hard-core gamer, this may be just the right option for you.

Compare fibre optic broadband.

Are there any Sky Broadband-only offers that I can sign up for?

Yes, there are as Sky is one of the internet service providers that offer broadband without a landline and if you’re not interested in Sky TV offers then you can only opt for Sky internet. Getting a Sky broadband-only offer will allow you to enjoy fast-speed internet as a stand-alone broadband deal.

How do I know what is a good broadband speed?

A ‘good’ broadband speed is defined as the speed that allows you to carry out your tasks without any buffering and interruptions in the signals. However, the exact figures for broadband speed vary for every user depending on what they use the internet for. Simple web browsing doesn’t require fast broadband speed.

Speed requirements for streaming

If you require broadband for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon prime, average speeds of 4Mbps shall suffice. However, for 4k HD content you’ll require at least 24Mbps broadband speed to stream seamlessly. Also, the more users or devices connected to your network, the slower it will be, and you’ll require a speedier connection.

Speed requirements for gaming

The average speed of 3Mbps is suitable for playing games on Xbox, but if you want to download games to your console, then you must have a broadband connection with minimum download speeds of 30Mbps.

What broadband speed can I expect from Sky?

Sky’s fibre broadband offers two options with Sky Superfast offering speeds of 59Mbps and Sky Ultrafast offering 145Mbps. Sky fibre broadband is available in almost 95% of the UK, however, you may use the postcode checker to see what is available in your area. Broadband speeds won’t just vary depending on the connection available in your area, but the available options will vary to some extent depending solely on your locality too.

How can I set up my Sky Broadband connection?

If you’re only opting for Sky phone and broadband, then you will only require an active landline and you can self-install your connection. However, if you’re getting Sky TV and broadband, then an engineer will need to visit to install all the necessary equipment.

Sky Broadband installation fee

The installation fee for broadband-only packages is lesser than its TV packages. Depending on the package of your choice, the installation fee ranges from £19.95 to £39.95.

Sky Broadband installation time

If you don’t have an existing landline connection, then installation might take up to three weeks. However, if you have a preexisting active phone line, then you can switch to Sky services within two weeks.

What do I need to switch from Sky Broadband Essential to Sky Broadband Superfast or Sky Ultrafast?

If your current router isn’t compatible with Sky’s fibre broadband, you’ll require a new Sky router that the company will send you itself and within 7 days, you can switch to Sky’s fibre service.

Which router will I get with my Sky internet connection?

You will get the standard Sky Q Hub router which has gotten great performance reviews for providing a reliable connection. It makes use of the 5GigaHertz band for faster Wi-Fi.

Setting up Sky Q Hub

Everything you will require is included in the box and you just need to connect the cables in the box to your home’s power supply and master phone socket.

Which is the best Sky deal for me?

The best Sky deal for you will be the one that suits your needs, so if you are a light internet user, an ADSL broadband will suit you. However, if you require faster speed then Sky Broadband Superfast or Ultrafast will suit you.

Check whether you can get Sky broadband in your area with the broadband postcode checker.

Are there any good Sky deals for new customers?

Sky broadband offers deals for new customers that may cancel the installation fees of up to £20. For existing Sky customers, Sky offers a VIP loyalty programme that includes special bonuses and events. There are different categories of customers for the VIP scheme depending on the duration you’ve had a constant Sky subscription for. These categories are:

  • Silver tier for up to 3 years
  • Gold tier for 3 to 8 years
  • Platinum tier for 8 to 15 years
  • Diamond tier for users who’ve had a Sky subscription constantly for more than 15 years.

Each of these categories offers different incentives to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq image faq image

If you are using Sky Broadband Boost and you are still not getting Wi-Fi signals uniformly throughout your house, then Sky Wi-Fi guarantee ensures you get your money back.

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You will need to check Sky’s postcode checker to see if Sky fibre broadband is available in your area. If it is, then yes you can enjoy both the services.

If Sky Fibre Broadband options are not available where you live, its standard ADSL connection must surely be available. You can sign up for Sky Broadband Essential and enjoy the same TV options with it as well.

Sky offers an initial trial of 31 days, in which you can cancel the contract without penalty. However, once this cooling-off period ends, it is still possible to cancel your contract before its term ends but not without paying a penalty.

Yes, it is. Sky offers customer service in a variety of ways:

  • Online FAQs with guidelines.
  • Online assistance.
  • Sky customer service phone helpline.