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BT stands as one of the UK’s most famous brands. It is a force in the telecoms sector and offers both mobile phone deals and BT broadband deals for those looking for a cheaper or better utilities service. Here is what BT Mobile can offer you, the benefits of their services and key information you need to know before you choose a mobile phone service.

 British Telecom is one of the UK’s most significant and world-renowned businesses.  BT provides broadband, wireless broadband Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, broadband and TV offerings through BT Sport, while being the parent company to several brands including EE and Plusnet. It also offers mobile phone deals.

 In this guide we explore whether BT Mobile is right for you. We look at it’s 4 and 5G connectivity, the plans on offer, and how you might be able to save money along the way.

Why Should You Choose BT Mobile?

BT offers a small range of different SIM-only plans and handset contracts to choose from. As BT Mobile is run on EE’s network, you can expect solid coverage throughout the UK. The company offers both 4G and 5G support. 

BT Mobile has access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK, as well as special discounts for family plans. The BT Mobile website claims that “Each additional SIM is 20% cheaper than a SIM by itself.”

 Existing broadband customers also receive £5 off of their chosen plan each month. This means that if a SIM plan costs £20 a month for non-BT broadband customers, it would cost £15 a month for BT broadband customers. 

Sport lovers can rejoice as BT Mobile phone customers can enjoy live Aviva Premiership and Premier League coverage with free access to the BT Sport app. BT Mobile customers can get this perk on certain SIM-only or handset plans.

SIM buyers can obtain the BT Sport app by signing-up for a plan starting at £20 a month. Those on a handset contract can claim BT Sport as part of packages worth £16 a month and above.

When you purchase a plan, only the data will vary. Calls and texts are unlimited. In certain instances BT Mobile also allows the flexibility of being able to move up and down on plans. This means that when you need extra data you can have it and when you want to save a bit of money you can.

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Does BT Mobile Offer Good Coverage?

BT owns and operates the extensive EE network, offering its customers the best coverage available in the UK. The EE website cites favourable statistics from regulator Ofcom to showcase some important claims. The site says of their 4G coverage:

“According to Ofcom’s Connected Nations Report Summer 2020. 85% geographic coverage equates to more than 99% of the population. “

So it’s highly unlikely you will have trouble accessing its 4G connection within the country.  You can check potential connectivity by using a mobile network coverage checker.

Does BT Mobile Offer 5G?

Yes, since November 2020, BT has allowed 5G use for both individual SIM and Family SIM plans. For users to take advantage of this, they will just need to use these SIMs with a 5G compatible device and be in a 5G covered area. 5G coverage is now available in over 160 towns and cities across the UK. This includes London, Coventry, Portsmouth and Edinburgh, according to EE. With such wide access to this faster 5G connection, users can scroll through multiple social media apps, download their favourite shows, and chat with friends quicker and smoother than ever before.

Sadly, there is a caveat to this good news. Although BT has 5G capable SIMs, it does not sell 5G-ready mobiles on contract.  This means that you will have to buy your device from elsewhere if you want to use 5G.

Does BT Mobile Offer a Free Trial For New Customers?

There’s great news for users curious to try out the experience that BT provides: BT Mobile currently offers a ’30-day money-back offer’. If BT isn’t doing it for you by the end of this period, you can call to cancel your contract and get a refund. The 30-day period begins from the time you place your order.

This offer is available once per customer. It’s also only applicable for SIM-only and Family SIM plans, so you’ll have to pay for any additional services that are not a part of your SIM plan allowance. 

SIM-only customers are entitled to adjust their plan each month. If you want to upgrade to a more expensive package, you can do this at any point during the month.

Moving down a plan is also straightforward, but does come with a small hurdle. The The BT website further explains this downgrade process:

“Switch to any higher plan at any time, or move to the next lower plan from your next billing period. SIM customers can step down to any plan…”

What Mobile Phone Deals are offered by BT Mobile?

BT Mobile offers few but useful online options for customers looking for the right deal. From handset contracts to SIM-only deals, loyal BT customers are the ones most likely to benefit from the BT Mobile experience.

BT broadband customers get a £5 discount on plans, while BT Halo patrons can unlock unlimited data. Sports lovers can also get BT Sport with certain plans. Below, we explore the type of plans on offer, as well as certain things to look out for before signing up.

BT SIM-only deals

The cost of a BT SIM deal is based on your data allowance, as all BT’s SIM-only plans offer unlimited calls and texts. 4G and 5G data limits range from an allowance of 4GB up to 100GB.

BT broadband customers with Halo can gain access to an unlimited package or double their data. They can also get £5 off of their monthly bill. If you’re not satisfied with the packages shown online, we recommend contacting BT Mobile directly to see if they can offer a package over the phone that isn’t available online. 

If you’re looking for a SIM-only contract but don’t know how much data you’ll need, then BT might be the one for you. The company now allows its SIM-only customers to switch up and down between plans.

As noted above, you can move up to a more expensive plan whenever you want. If you want to move to a cheaper plan, then the changes will take effect from your next billing cycle. You can only move down to the next cheapest plan once a month.

This means that you can’t simply move from the most expensive plan to the cheapest in one move. You can visit the BT mobile website to view the key restrictions for yourself. If you’d like BT Sport for free, it comes as part of plans starting from £20. Contract lengths come in 12 and 24-month variants.

BT Mobile Pay As You Go

Currently, BT Mobile only offers SIM-only plans of 12 and 24-month contracts. They don’t currently offer Pay As You Go deals. 

If you enjoy the speed, quality and performance of service that you get with BT Mobile but want to replicate it in a shorter or a PAYG deal, then your best shot is EE.  BT runs on EE, who do provide PAYG.

BT Mobile handset contracts

BT mobile advertises a much smaller selection of contract phones compared to other networks. What’s more, the phones are not top of the range. For example, you can get a deal on the latest iPhone models, Google Pixel 4a, or a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

As mentioned above, BT Mobile does not currently sell 5G capable phones on contract. If you want next generation connectivity, you’ll have to buy your handset from another provider.

If you need the latest phones, you should consider joining BT-owned EE. You can begin the process for this on the BT Mobile website. Alternatively, you can buy a handset outright from the BT online shop. You’ll see device options that go beyond those advertised in the contract section.

BT Mobile contracts are offered on a 24-month basis and current BT broadband customers can get £5 a month off their chosen plan. Those who have BT Halo can also gain access to unlimited or double data. At the time of writing, BT Sport is included on contracts starting from £16.

BT handset contract customers are also allowed a degree of flexibility when it comes to shifting between plans. BT explains its handset plan policy by saying, “handset customers can move to any plan at their original contract data amount or higher.”

If you’re happy with your existing iPhone, choose an iPhone sim only BT deal or try a sim only deal if you have a mobile phone you’re already happy using.

Does BT Mobile Offer Capped Spending?

Yes, it does! It’s a great option if you want to keep your spending within budget. You can set a monthly spending cap at as low as no overspend and the option to cap your allowance spending is available with all BT Mobile deals. While on a trip abroad, you can use BT’s data roaming cap option to prevent yourself from overspending. BT Mobile will alert you when you reach the limit.

What are BT’s Mobile’s Roaming Charges?

BT Mobile allows you to ‘Roam Like Home’ while enjoying your vacation in over 40 destinations around the world. You can continue to use your BT Mobile allowance of data, text messages, and calling minutes at no extra cost. However, if you cross your allowance limit the cost for extra data usage, text messages, and calls is split into two Roaming Zones: Roaming Zone 1a includes Spain, France, Italy, and Ireland;   Roaming Zone 1b includes Switzerland, the Canary Islands, and Norway. 

As an example of the different costs, if you exceed your plan in Roaming Zone 1a a text will cost 12p. On the other hand, if you’re holidaying in 1b, it’s just 10p.

For BT Mobile customers who want to roam in countries that are not included in the ‘Roam Like Home’ destinations such as Australia, China, and Canada, BT offers a Travel Data Pass that gives you 500MB of data for daily charges of £6.

Can You keep Your Existing Mobile Number When You Switch to BT Mobile?

Yes, you can keep your existing mobile phone number even if you switch to BT from another mobile network provider. As with many other mobile phone companies, you only need to call your current provider for your nine digit PAC code and provide it to BT Mobile. BT’s team will handle the rest of the procedure for you and in about 24 hours your number will be transferred over to your BT mobile service. 

Does BT Mobile run credit checks?

Yes, BT Mobile does run credit checks when you sign up to its plans. It also runs a bank check and an identity check which, according to the firm, is standard protocol to ensure customers’ safety from identity fraud and theft. This credit check isn’t as stringent as those carried out by banks for loans and mortgages but, if you’ve got a poor financial history or bad credit, it may be harder to find yourself a BT mobile plan. 

How to Contact BT Customer Service

Customer support is available throughout the week from 8AM to 9PM. Calls on weekends and bank holidays can be made between 8AM and 8PM.

You can reach BT customer support by dialling 150 from your BT Mobile, or you can call for free from any landline at 0800 800 150. From abroad, you should call +44 150 174 7714.

If you don’t feel like reaching out by phone, you can also seek assistance on Twitter, @bt_uk, or via the company’s website.

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