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Quick and easy comparison of Plusnet Mobile deals. Find the best price for you and save money on your mobile phone bill with the cheapest Plusnet Mobile sim only deals.

Best Plusnet Mobile Phone Deals

Plusnet Mobile offers 30-day sim only mobile deals that are easy, flexible, and commitment-free. The best Plusnet mobile phone deals include unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 4G network, but will vary in price depending on the data allowance you opt for. The cost of data varies from:

  • 4GB for £6 per month.
  • 12GB for £8 per month.
  • 25GB for £10 per month.
  • 50GB for £15 per month.

Plusnet 30-day deals are on a rolling contract which means your contract will continue unless you decide to cancel it, in which case, it’s a 30 day notice period to do so.

Plusnet Mobile sim only deals don’t include handsets, so you’ll have to have your own unlocked phone. Plusnet SIM cards come in all sizes so you won’t have an issue inserting it into your phone.  

More Plusnet Mobile SIM Only Deals

Plusnet Mobile offers other sim only deals which include data, unlimited texts, and limited calls. The price will vary based on the minutes and data allowance you choose. The cost of a combined package varies from:

  • 1GB with 250 minutes for £7 per month.
  • 2GB with 500 minutes for £8 per month. 
  • 4GB with 1000 minutes for £10 per month.
  • 6GB with 1500 minutes for £12 per month.

Plusnet sim only deals with limited calls and lower data allowance may be of interest to you if you don’t use your phone very often. That said, you may want to consider Plusnet mobile deals with unlimited minutes because they can offer a higher monthly allowance for cheaper.

Plusnet Plans and Tariffs

Plusnet Mobile offers 30-day rolling contracts or a pay as you go service, giving you flexibility and the freedom to adapt your mobile plan on a monthly basis. 

Plusnet also offers cheap home phone plans which are ideal if you want to have long talks from the comfort of your own home. The home phone plans available are:

Evening and Weekend call to UK landlines and Mobile Calls from £5.23 a month.

  • Between 7pm and 7am on weekdays and anytime on weekends.
  • 1,000 minutes of evening and weekend calls to UK mobiles.
  • Evening and weekend calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.
  • Free calls to Plusnet numbers.
  • Free calls to Plusnet support.

Unlimited UK and Mobile Calls from £9.41 a month.

  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines.
  • 2,000 minutes of calls to UK mobiles.
  • Calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.

Anytime International Calls from £9.41 a month.

  • 300 minutes to top international destinations.
  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines.
  • Calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.
  • Add Mobile Minutes for an extra £3 a month.

Pay as you call (line rental only) - Only pay for the minutes you use

  • Include Mobile Minutes for an extra £3 a month.

All home phone plans include free calls to Plusnet numbers and Plusnet support. 

Plusnet Mobile Extras and Benefits

Plusnet Mobile offers good value along with extras and benefits. The perks of signing up with Plusnet include Mates Rates, Smart Cap, broadband data bonus, and bolt-ons. 

Smart Cap 

Set a spending limit on calls, texts, and data both in the UK and abroad with Smart Cap. Plusnet automatically sets your spending limit to £10 but you can choose to set it as low as £2 or as high as £30 per month. 

It’s recommended that you set your Smart Cap to the maximum limit to ensure you can always use your mobile phone. When you reach your limit, Plusnet will notify you and suspend your services so that you don’t pay over the limit.

Mates Rates 

If you already have Plusnet home phone or broadband, you’ll get a good Plusnet Mobile deal thanks to Mates Rates.

You can register up to 5 mobile devices with Mates Rates if they are registered at the same address. To apply for Mates Rates, you’ll need your account details, which you can find  on the Plusnet App or on a previous bill.

Broadband data bonus

Plusnet Broadband customers that sign up for a Plusnet Mobile deal get an extra 2GB of data every month.   


With bolt-ons you can get a top-up to keep you going until your tariff renews itself. Bolt-ons are available with any mobile plan and you can choose to add extra data, minutes, or texts if you need to. 

Extra data per month

  • 250MB for £2.
  • 500MB for £4.
  • 1GB for £6.
  • 2GB for £10.
  • 4GB for £15.

Extra minutes per month:

  • 100 for £1.50.
  • 250 for £4.
  • 500 for £8.
  • 1000 for £12.

Extra texts per month:

  • 100 for £1.
  • 500 for £4.
  • 1000 for £6.

Bolt-ons offer security by allowing you to increase your allowance if necessary, and can increase the allowance that is usually included in your mobile plan.

Plusnet Network Coverage

Plusnet Mobile piggybacks on the EE mobile network and provides 99% population coverage across the UK. 

EE provides strong 4G coverage that performs better than some 5G coverage offered by competitors. Plusnet doesn’t offer 5G network coverage yet and hasn’t specified a launch date.

Plusnet Data Speeds

Plusnet data speeds are competitive, with average 4G download speeds of 36.4Mbps and upload speeds of 9.1Mbps. 

Roaming with Plusnet Mobile Abroad

Plusnet offers inclusive roaming when you’re abroad with Roam like at Home .

As long as you’re in an EU destination or a Plusnet Roam like at Home destination, you can use your monthly allowance to make and receive calls, send and receive messages, and use your data.

Plusnet doesn’t plan to change their roaming policy after Brexit, so you will still be able to enjoy the Roam like at Home feature. 

Plusnet Mobile App

The Plusnet Mobile app is a free app where you can manage your mobile account and any other Plusnet plans. With the app you can:

  • Keep track of your bills. 
  • Check your data usage.
  • Control your spending. 
  • Enable Bolt-ons.
  • Ask Plusnet for help.

About Plusnet

Plusnet is recognised for good customer service and providing good value broadband, landline, IPTV and mobile services across the UK.

Plusnet has been awarded Best sim only provider by Uswitch for two consecutive years. They also have award-winning customer service and offer the best value for data, texts, and calls. In 2021, Plusnet won the Uswitch award for Best Broadband Provider, Most Popular Provider, and Best Value for Money.

Plusnet Community 

The Plusnet Community is made up of Plusnet customers who help each other resolve SIM card or broadband issues. Over 100,000 customers have joined the Plusnet Community.

Plusnet Customer Service

Plusnet offers award-winning customer service that’s available 7 days a week. 

You can either contact the Plusnet customer service over the phone or answer a few questions on the Plusnet website to narrow down your search. 

Our Plusnet Mobile Review

Plusnet Mobile offers affordable and straightforward mobile phone deals, suitable for different allowance requirements and budgets. Plusnet deals are ideal if you already have a mobile phone and are looking for a good sim only mobile deal with data, minutes, and texts allowance. 

That said, as with any mobile provider, there are pros and cons to Plusnet Mobile. You may want to weigh up the pros and cons before choosing your monthly plan allowance.

Pros Cons
Excellent 4G Coverage with 99% service across the UK. Sim only plans only.
Flexible plan with 30-day rolling contract. Highest data limit is 50GB.
Good value plans, with a choice of unlimited minutes and texts.  
Mates Rates and a bonus for Plusnet broadband customers.  

Plusnet Mobile Deals FAQ

What is Plusnet SafeGuard Security?

Plusnet SafeGuard is a parental controls system that helps keep your family safe online. Its tools and features allow you to block violent images, adult content, and social media apps. You can also manage the sites your family watches and set a time limit.

Plusnet Safeguard is included with all Plusnet packages. You can decide whether to activate it or not when you sign up for your Plusnet Mobile package. You can manage the features of the security system from your phone or laptop by signing into your Plusnet account. 

How do you switch to a Plusnet Mobile deal?

Switching to Plusnet mobile is fast and simple and can be done online. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Ask your current provider for a switching code known as a PAC code. 
  2. To keep the same phone number text PAC to 65075. To get a new number, text STAC to 75075.
  3. You should get a reply with your switching code within 60 seconds.
  4. Choose the best Plusnet Mobile deal for you and enter your switching code at the checkout. 
  5. Plusnet will finalise the switch for you and inform you when it is complete. 

Can you save extra by having Plusnet Mobile and broadband?

Thanks to Plusnet broadband data bonus and Mates Rates, you’ll save extra if you have Plusnet Mobile and Broadband. 

Does Plusnet do data rollover?

Data rollover is not possible with Plusnet Mobile because their 30-day rolling contract renews itself every 30 days. This means that your minutes, texts, and data allowance will refresh every 30 days if you choose to stay with Plusnet Mobile.

Can you tether with a Plusnet Mobile Sim? 

Provided your mobile handset supports tethering, you can use your phone to create a personal hotspot and connect other devices to the internet through your Plusnet mobile network. Any data you use through tethering will count towards your monthly allowance, so adding a spend cap to your account can help you make sure you don’t overspend.