Tesco Mobile Deals

Best Tesco Phone Deals

Find the best Tesco Mobile deals with our quick overview of the provider’s offer. See if you could save on your monthly phone bill and get the most out of your mobile phone package with a look at Tesco’s handsets, sim-only deals, and pay as you go tariffs. We’ll also take a look at Tesco Mobile data speeds, roaming in Europe, and all the extras and discounts you get with the Tesco Clubcard.

Best Tesco Phone Deals

The best Tesco Mobile phone deals are often monthly plans which include a handset. Monthly plans come with variable data allowance, unlimited texts, and unlimited minutes. Choose from 1GB, 3GB, 6GB, 12GB, 25GB, or unlimited data, and add the data allowance you want to the phone of your choice. 

The most popular Tesco Mobile deals are iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices with unlimited data. The newest Tesco Mobile offer at the time of writing is the iPhone 13 Pro Max with unlimited data for £57.99 a month, with nothing to pay upfront. The contract lasts 36 months, like the majority of Tesco Mobile deals. If you want to leave your contract early, you may be charged an early termination fee. 

Tesco Mobile Sim Only Deals

Tesco Mobile sim-only deals are perfect if you want to keep your current phone and just want to pay for data, texts, and minutes every month. There are 12 Tesco Mobile sim-only deals to choose from, each varying in cost and contract length. All Tesco sim-only deals come with unlimited texts and unlimited minutes. 

12 months contract

  • Unlimited data for £30 a month
  • 100GB for £20 a month
  • 60GB data for £17.50 a month or £15 with Tesco Clubcard
  • 30GB data for £15 a month
  • 12GB data for £11 a month
  • 12GB data for £10 a month
  • 2GB data for £7.50 a month

24 months contracts

  • Unlimited data for £25 a month
  • 100GB for £17.50 a month
  • 60GB data for £15 a month
  • 30GB for £12.50 a month
  • 2GB for £7.50 a month

Keep in mind that Tesco Mobile doesn’t offer 30-day sim-only contracts like some other mobile network providers - their Pay as You Go tariffs work like 30-day rolling contracts. 

More Tesco Mobile Plans and Tariffs

Pay as You Go

Tesco pay as you go (PAYG) tariffs are commitment free and offer you the flexibility to top up your SIM card with the allowance you need every 30 days. PAYG customers can also make the most of exclusive Tesco Clubcard deals, including extra data, until the end of 2021.

All PAYG tariffs offer 5000 minutes of calls, 5000 texts, and a data allowance of your choosing every time you top up. The cost of your tariff will vary based on the data allowance you opt for:

Data Cost
2GB £7.50
20GB (used to be 10GB) £10.00
15GB £12.50
25GB £15.00
50GB £20.00
100GB £30.00

Every time you top up your SIM card, your data, minutes, and texts allowances last 30 days and don’t roll over. If you set your PAYG top up to auto-renew, you won’t have to worry about remembering to top up your tariff every month.

Tesco Mobile Extras and Benefits

Family perks

Benefit from family perks if you have two or more Tesco Mobile pay-monthly devices linked to the same account. You’ll each get to choose from these free extras every month:

  • 250MB to 1GB of data
  • Up to £2 off your bill
  • Up to £2.25 off your Tesco Mobile insurance 
  • Up to 200 Tesco Clubcard points
  • Up to 500 minutes of calls to any network
  • 500 Tesco Mobile minutes

You can choose a new perk every month on the Tesco Mobile app or in your Tesco Mobile account online. Remember that all the devices have to be under the same account for you to get your family perks.

Tesco Mobile Protect insurance

Insure your phone with Tesco Mobile Protect to make sure you’re covered if it’s lost, damaged, or stolen. You can get your Tesco Mobile insurance when you purchase your phone on a pay-monthly deal. To make sure your phone is insured, add it when you first buy the phone. Tesco Mobile doesn’t give you the option to add insurance after your contract has started.

There are two different types of insurance: full cover in case of damage, theft, or loss; or damage insurance. If you need to claim a replacement, your new device will be delivered to you within one working day as long as it’s approved by 8.30pm on a weekday or 2.30pm on weekends. If you’re abroad, it can take up to two days to be delivered.

What doesn’t Tesco Mobile Protect cover?

  • Excess fees
  • Accessory-only claims
  • Accessories beyond the battery, charger, and box-kit that came with your handset
  • A phone full during the warranty period
  • Three claims or more within a year
  • Damage as a result of phone alterations at home
  • Cost of data, texts, and calls from the time your phone goes missing until your SIM card is blocked

Spend cap on your bills  

Stay in control of what you spend outside of your monthly tariff by setting a spend cap. You can set it at anything up to £100 a month. 

If you want to make sure you don’t spend any extra on your monthly bill, just set your spend cap at £0, which will mean you can’t go over your monthly allowance. If you want to make sure you can always make calls and use your data, opt for as much as you can afford to go over. You can adapt your spend cap at any time on the Tesco Mobile app.

Get Even More with your Tesco Clubcard

Tesco Clubcard members earn points when they shop at Tesco Mobile or Tesco stores. You can redeem your Tesco Clubcard points to get extras, discounts, and vouchers, including discounts on your Tesco Mobile bill. 

Tesco Clubcard points are worth double the usual value when you spend them at Tesco Mobile. So why not use your Tesco Clubcard points to get money off your monthly phone bill or a new phone?

How much discount could I get?

Clubcard points per month Clubcard voucher amount Saving on your Tesco Mobile monthly bill
200 £2 £4 a month
300 £3 £6 a month
400 £4 £8 a month
500 £5 £10 a month
600 £6 £12 a month

Make sure you link your Tesco Clubcard to your mobile account to get your discount. You can do this on the Tesco Mobile app. 

Tesco Mobile Phone Upgrades

Tesco Mobile lets you upgrade your phone at any time, even if you haven’t run out the entirety of your current mobile contract. You’ll first have to pay off the amount left to pay on your current phone contract in full. You can then get your new monthly plan with the phone you want. 

Network Coverage

Tesco Mobile offers 5G coverage in 164 towns and cities across the UK. Tesco’s network is powered by O2 and offers competitive speeds compared with its competitors. To find out your 5G coverage, use a coverage checker. The provider’s 4G network is also widely available, but Tesco Mobile will offer you 5G coverage if it’s available in your area and your device supports it. 

Data Speeds

Tesco Mobile 5G network data speed:

  • Download speeds of 165.4 Mbps (UK average for 5G)
  • Upload speeds of 15.8 Mbps upload (UK average for 5G)

Tesco Mobile 4G network data speeds:

  • Download speeds of 18.2 Mbps
  • Upload speeds of 6.2 Mbps


You can use your phone abroad as you would at home with Tesco Mobile. Your phone will automatically connect to the network in the country you’re in and give you access to the same minutes, texts, and data allowance. This applies to monthly handset plans, sim-only deals, and PAYG. 

Using your monthly allowance in a Tesco Mobile Home from Home EU destination is completely free and this won’t change after Brexit. Tesco Mobile Home from Home EU destinations include:

Austria Azores Belgium
Bulgaria Canary Islands Croatia
Republic of Cyprus Denmark Estonia
Finland France French Guyana
Germany Gibraltar Greece
Guadeloupe Guernsey Hungary
Iceland Ireland (Republic of) Isle of Man
Italy Jersey Latvia
Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg
Madeira Malta Martinique
Mayotte Monaco Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Reunion Romania San Marino
Slovakia Slovenia Spain
St. Martin St. Barts sweden
Switzerland Vatican City  

If you’re visiting an area outside of the Home from Home destinations, you’ll be charged a daily fee for using your phone. A lot of your normal services also might not work.

You’ll need to inquire with Tesco Mobile when travelling outside of the UK to find out how much you’ll be charged per text, per minute of calls, and per MB of data you use. Be aware that it can be expensive to roam internationally.

Calling Abroad from the UK

You can call abroad from the UK with Tesco Mobile but you’ll have to pay a fee if this feature isn’t included in your monthly allowance. The cost to call a Home from Home country from the UK is 19p a minute to call and 6p per text. To contact a Zone 1 country outside of the EU, it costs 25p a minute to call and 20p per text. 

Tesco Mobile App

Use the Tesco Mobile app to manage your account from your phone at any time of day. With the Tesco app, you can:

  • Change your spend cap
  • Chat with Tesco customer service 
  • Buy more data if you need a top up
  • Add your PAYG Tesco Mobile top up
  • Upgrade and see exclusive offers

About Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is a reliable and well-known mobile provider powered by the O2 network, offering 99% coverage across the UK.

Tesco Mobile has been named the mobile network with the highest ranking for customer satisfaction for six consecutive years, according to Ofcom.

The provider also won the title of Utilities Brand of the Year in a recent Which? survey and has the highest ratings for network reliability, customer service, and value for money. 

Tesco Mobile Customer Service

Tesco Mobile provides good customer service with 94% of customers satisfied with how their queries were handled. Tesco is also the least-complained-about mobile provider in the UK, according to Ofcom. 

Tesco Mobile helps and supports customers directly on its website, where customers can navigate commonly asked questions and answer questionnaires to narrow down their search. If you don’t find an answer to your question, its customer service team will help you any day of the week over the phone.

Our Tesco Mobile Review

Tesco Mobile is a well-established mobile provider powered by the O2 network, offering reliable 4G and 5G coverage across most of the UK. Customers say that Tesco Mobile offers efficient customer service and their overall service is rated highly.

That said, you might want to weigh up the pros and cons of Tesco Mobile and compare their best deals against other mobile network providers before choosing the best mobile package for you.

Pros Cons
Good value for money. No inclusive option for roaming outside of Europe.
Tesco Clubcard discounts. 4G network coverage is not as good as competitors.
Many Pay as You Go tariffs.  

Tesco Mobile FAQ

Can I top up my Tesco Mobile plan online?

The only Tesco Mobile tariff that needs manually topping up is the Pay as you Go tariff. You can top up online through the Tesco Mobile App or by logging into your mobile account via the Tesco Mobile website. 

Does Tesco Mobile offer Wi-Fi calling?

Yes, Tesco Mobile offers Wi-Fi calling so that you can use the internet to call as normal when you don’t have any phone signal.  

Can I keep my phone number if I switch to Tesco Mobile?

Yes, you can keep your current phone if you choose a Tesco Mobile sim-only deal or a pay as you go tariff. 

Do I have to visit a store to get a Tesco Mobile deal?

No, you can get your Tesco Mobile deal through the Tesco Mobile website. Simply choose the handset you want and add the data allowance you want. Proceed to the checkout to find out how long it will take to be delivered to you. 

Can I upgrade my Tesco phone at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your phone at any time. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t finished your current contract, but you will need to pay off the rest of your existing contract before starting a new one.