Best Vodafone Mobile Deals

Quick comparison of the best Vodafone deals in the UK

Quick comparison of the best Vodafone deals in the UK to find the best value for money mobile deals. Find out about the cheapest Vodafone pay-monthly and sim-only deals, and most affordable mobile phone plans. Save money on your mobile phone bill every month, and get lots of rewards and discounts. Benefit from 12-36 months custom plans, 30-day rolling contracts, a pay as you go tariff, Vodafone Xtra plans, 5G network coverage, and entertainment deals on YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime and Spotify Premium.

Best Vodafone Deals

The best Vodafone mobile deals in the UK are pay monthly plans which come as handset deals. The most popular Vodafone handset deals are iPhones and Android devices with unlimited data. All pay monthly plans include variable data allowance, unlimited, and unlimited data.

Vodafone deals are customisable, which means you get to choose the length of your contract, how much you pay upfront for the phone, and the airtime you need. The contract length can be set to anywhere between 12 and 36 months and there’s always a minimum upfront payment, which could be as low as £0. Custom plans give you the flexibility to adapt to your needs and your monthly budget. 

Vodafone Sim Only Deals

Vodafone sim only deals are ideal if you want to keep your current phone and benefit from unlimited texts, minutes and the data allowance of your choice. Vodafone sim only contracts are either 24 months, 12 months, or 30 days in length, and will vary in cost depending on the contract length and the data allowance you choose. The most popular sim only deals are:

Unlimited Max 

  • Unlimited data
  • Fastest Vodafone speeds

Unlimited Lite 

  • Unlimited data
  • Maximum download speed of 2Mbps


  • Unlimited data
  • Maximum download speed of 10Mbps

Unlimited Max with entertainment

  • Unlimited data
  • Fastest Vodafone speeds
  • Either Youtube Premium, Amazon Prime, or Spotify Premium

Unlimited Max + 4 Xtra benefits 

  • Unlimited data
  • Fastest Vodafone speeds
  • Inclusive roaming in 83 destinations worldwide
  • Unlimited picture messages
  • Device Care to ensure your device runs at its best
  • £3.50 off Smartwatch Connectivity every month

If you don’t need unlimited data, there are other sim-only deals with less data allowance: 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 25GB, or 160GB. Keep in mind that longer sim-only contracts have a lower monthly cost, so 30-day plans will be more expensive in the long term. If you plan to stay with Vodafone, consider a 24-month contract, which will save you money on your phone bill every month. 

More Vodafone Plans and Tariffs

Pay as you go (PAYG)

A Vodafone PAYG tariff is perfect if you already have a phone and are looking for a flexible contract with unlimited minutes and texts and a variable data allowance. You get to decide when to renew your allowance and how much airtime you need every time you renew it. PAYG customers also benefit from data rollover, which lasts up to 30 days. Vodafone offers four PAYG tariffs:

25GB 50GB 70GB 100GB Unlimited data
£10 £15 £20 £30 £40

Vodafone also offers PAYG phones that don’t bind you to a fixed-term phone contract. Not all phones are available on PAYG but most iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones are available. 

To get a PAYG phone, you’ll need to pay a cost upfront for the phone and your first month’s usage. After that, you get to decide how much data you need every month and when you want to renew it. 

Vodafone Xtra Plans

Vodafone Xtra plans include more benefits, and can be combined with a pay monthly deal or a sim only plan. There are three Xtra plans to choose from:

2GB + 2 Xtra benefits

  • 2GB for £14 a month
  • Device Care
  • Unlimited Picture Messaging

25GB + 3 Xtra benefits  

  • 25GB for £12 a month
  • Device Care
  • Unlimited Picture Messaging
  • Get £3.50 off Smartwatch Connectivity every month 

Unlimited Max + 4 Xtra benefits 

  • Unlimited data
  • Fastest Vodafone speeds
  • Inclusive roaming in 83 destinations worldwide 
  • Unlimited picture messages
  • Device Care to ensure your device runs at its best
  • Get £3.50 off Smartwatch Connectivity every month

Vodafone Benefits and Extras 

Spend Manager

Vodafone Spend Manager lets you set a limit on charges outside of your monthly mobile bill so that you’re in control of how much you pay. You can set your Spend Manager from anywhere between £10 to £100. 

If you want to make sure you can use your phone even when you’ve reached your monthly limit, opt for a Spend Manager limit over £10. As soon as you reach your spend limit, Vodafone will block all chargeable services. To avoid extra charges altogether, set your Spend Manager to £0.

Adding or removing Spend Manager can be done at anytime from the My Vodafone app, there are just a few steps to follow:

  • Log in to your My Vodafone account where you can manage all of your extras from the homescreen.
  • Go to the usage tab, and from there tap ‘add extras’. 
  • Tap Spend Manager.
  • Choose Manage Spend Manager.
  • Choose your spend limit and press confirm.

Spend Manager can be used to limit a variety of costs, whilst some services cannot be limited and you’ll be charged for them outside of your Spend Manager limit:

Covered by Vodafone Spend Manager Not Covered by Vodafone Spend Manager
✔️Extra data, minutes and text charges. ❌Home phone and broadband charges.
✔️Picture messages. ❌The service charge for premium rate calls.
✔️Video calls. ❌Charity donations.
✔️Business Traveller daily fee. ❌Premium texts.
✔️Roaming charges in a Roam-further destination. ❌Account-level charges (e.g. early termination fee).
✔️Access charge for premium rate calls.  

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend to a Vodafone pay-monthly handset deal and you’ll both get a £25 Amazon voucher. All you have to do is sign up to get a link and send it to your friend. Once your friend sets up a monthly plan online, you’ll both be rewarded. 

Perks for existing customers

Existing Vodafone pay monthly customers get up to 15% off any additional pay-monthly handset deals and sim-only plans.

Network Coverage

Vodafone has gone live with 5G network coverage in 124 towns and cities across the UK, and in 240 roaming locations in the EU. With Vodafone you can use the 5G network at no extra cost but it will only work if you have a device that supports 5G.

In locations where you can’t connect to the 5G network, 4G and 3G are almost always available thanks to Vodafone’s 99% population coverage across the UK. 

Data Speeds

Average speeds available on Vodafone’s 5G network:

  • Download speed: 143.6Mbps

Average speeds available on Vodafone’s 4G network:

  • Download speed: 22.4Mbps

Vodafone Entertainment Deals

Get YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime, and Spotify Premium included in your monthly Vodafone mobile plan when you’re on an entertainment plan. Entertainment plans are available both with pay-monthly handset deals and sim-only plans. There are three to choose from:

Unlimited Max with Entertainment

  • Unlimited data
  • Fastest Vodafone speeds

Unlimited with Entertainment 

  • Unlimited data
  • Maximum download speed of 10Mbps

Red 5GB + Entertainment

  • 5GB of data

It works out cheaper to pay for your favourite entertainment as part of your phone package because Vodafone makes it worth it. It’s also easier, because you’ll only need to set your payment details up once.

VeryMe Rewards Loyalty Programme

Enjoy weekly rewards, prize draws, and giveaways with the Vodafone VeryMe Rewards scheme. Vodafone rewards include discounts on your favourite brands, cinema tickets, and Christmas stocking fillers.

VeryMe Rewards also collaborates with Eat Local to give customers 2 for 1 meals and 25% off food and drinks at restaurants and cafes across the UK.

You can access your VeryMe Rewards on your phone through the My Vodafone app or by logging into your account on the Vodafone website. 


Vodafone lets you upgrade your phone as early as 12 months into your phone plan. You can even trade in your current phone to help pay for your new device. When you upgrade, you get to customise your phone plan to suit your budget and needs. 


Trade in your device at Vodafone and knock the value of your old phone off the price for your new phone. There are four steps to follow when trading in your phone on the Vodafone website:

  1. Figure out how much your phone is worth by choosing the model. 
  2. Answer some questions about the condition of the phone and Vodafone will tell you how much they think it’s worth. 
  3. Enter your contact details and preferred payment method.
  4. Send your device to Vodafone in the free pack provided and they’ll process the payment within five working days.


All pay-monthly Vodafone customers that started their plan before August 2021 benefit from inclusive roaming in the EU. If this isn’t the case, you’ll be charged £2 per day to roam. Vodafone’s 51 European destinations include:

Aland Islands Austria Azores
Balearic Islands Belgium Bulgaria
Canary Islands Croatia Cyprus except Northern Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Faroe Islands Finlands France (incl.Corsica)
French Guiana Germany Gibraltar
Greece Guadeloupe Guernsey
Hungary Iceland Italy
Isle of Man Jersey Liechtenstein
Lithuania Latvia Madeira
Malta Luxembourg Mayotte
Monaco Martinique Norway
Poland Netherlands Republic of Ireland
Reunion Romania Portugal
Slovakia San Marino St. Martin
Spain St. Barthelemy Vatican City
Sweden Switzerland  

If you want to roam internationally, it won’t be included in your Vodafone mobile plan. To unlock roaming in 107 destinations worldwide, you’ll need to pay £6 a day. It covers destinations in the US, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Australia.

Vodafone also offers inclusive roaming in 83 destinations with Global Roaming Plus on selected unlimited plans and Xtra plans, such as:

  • Unlimited Max plan between 12 July 2019 and 14 June 2021
  • Unlimited data Xtra Plan with 4 Xtra benefits from 17 June 2021
  • Red Entertainment plan between 15 August 2017 and 11 July 2019
  • Red Entertainment sim-only plans between 4 September 2018 and 11 July 2019

My Vodafone Mobile App

The Vodafone Mobile app lets you manage your mobile account from your phone at any time. Through the Vodafone app you can:

  • See your data usage.
  • Manage and pay your bills.
  • Get rewards and cash them in.
  • Adjust your Spend Manager. 
  • Upgrade your device. 

About Vodafone

Vodafone is a well-known network provider across the UK and the EU, providing reliable network coverage across 99% of the UK.  Vodafone offers competitive pay-monthly and sim-only deals like its competitors O2, Three, and EE. 

Vodafone has been awarded the Uswitch title for Best Sim Only Network and is working towards improving its deals and services where possible. The network provider is aiming for a greener future and has projects in place to achieve this. Vodafone within Europe already sources 100% of its energy from renewable sources.

Vodafone Customer Service

Vodafone helps customers with TOBi, an automated chatbot that is available 24 hours a day to help you solve any issues with your plan or services.

If TOBi can’t solve your problem, the Vodafone customer service team is available over the phone 7 days a week. You can also pop into a shop to talk to a staff member, who will be able to help you out by answering any questions you have. 

Our Vodafone Mobile Review

Pros Cons
✔️Excellent 3G and 4G Coverage. ❌Pay-monthly plans aren’t the cheapest.
✔️Inclusive entertainment available. ❌Some plans don’t offer inclusive EU roaming.
✔️VeryMe Rewards. ❌Less 5G coverage than Three and O2.

Vodafone Deals FAQ

Does Vodafone offer a free trial?

No, a free trial is not possible. The best way to try Vodafone commitment-free is to start a 30-day sim-only plan.

Do I need the Secure Net app?

No, it’s not essential. The Secure Net app is a security system that helps you protect your family from harmful content and digital viruses. It’s up to you to decide if you need the Secure Net app. 

Does Vodafone offer Wi-Fi calling?

Yes, Vodafone offers Wi-Fi calling. You can call as normal when you’re connected to the internet.