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Compare Samsung Galaxy contract prices to get the best deal on your new Samsung mobile phone.

Samsung is currently the world’s most popular smartphone brand, with its top camera specs, sleek designs, and unprecedented display quality. For a decade, Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones have been worthy rivals of each other. Samsung with its multiple smartphones series and a wide price range, however, has so much more to offer to cater to everyone’s mobile phone requirements. Samsung Galaxy isn’t merely a brand for big phone screens and bigger price tags, it has a whole series of smartphones, the Galaxy Ace series, dedicated to customers looking for budget-friendly devices. However, the most popular and best-seller Galaxy mobiles series is the high-end, flagship phonesf line of Galaxy S.

Which different series are covered under the Samsung Galaxy umbrella brand?

Samsung Galaxy is an inclusive brand name for multiple Samsung smartphone lines, each having its distinct series name which is an alphabet. Each of these series offers a range of Samsung smartphones, and each series falls into a certain price class, ranging from high-end phones in the S and Note series, to budget-friendly phones of the J series. Recently the Samsung J series has been discontinued as a separate line and merged with the A-series. These different series of Samsung phones covered under the Samsung Galaxy brand are:

  • The high-end Samsung Galaxy Note series
  • The high-end Samsung Galaxy S series
  • The entry-level Samsung Galaxy A series
  • The premium Samsung Galaxy Z series
  • Samsung Galaxy FE series
  • The budget Samsung Galaxy J series (discontinued)

The Samsung Note series

The Note series comprises tablet-style phones that come with a stylus to operate the touch screen. Launched in 2011, with its sleek & impressive build, and high-quality tech specs, the Note series has gained popularity as the ideal choice for creative professionals and business personnel. Some of the notable features offered by the Note series are:

  • Double screen viewing
  • Stylus-enabled touch screen
  • Handwritten notes
  • Impressive camera capabilities

The Samsung Galaxy S series

The Samsung Galaxy S series is the flagship series of Samsung offering high-end smartphones with high-quality, latest tech specs. Launched in 2010, it has constantly proved to be a tough competition for Apple’s iPhones. The S series offers great camera specs, storage capacity, and fast processing capabilities. The sleek and elegant build of the S series is another feature that keeps the users hooked.

The Samsung Galaxy A series

Although Samsung smartphones are mainly thought of as high-end phones, the Samsung Galaxy A series might surprise you with its affordable prices. The A-series offers great features for good value. The model numbers specify how advance a particular model is, so while A10 is on the less advanced side of the tech specs scale, A90 is more technologically ahead.

The Samsung Galaxy Z series

The Samsung Z series is the relatively newer series, offering premium Samsung mobile phones with foldable screens. The Galaxy Fold with its foldable screen was the first phone to launch in this series. The Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Flip are the only phones in the Z series. This series has mixed reviews due to its uncommon build, and potential difficulty in maintenance and repair.

The Samsung Galaxy FE series

The Samsung Fan Edition Series featuring only one phone (the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE) currently, is the latest Samsung smartphone series. Its price range falls somewhere between the S series and the A-series.

Which of the Samsung Galaxy phone series is the best?

Although Samsung offers phones at a wide range of prices, the best of its features are offered in its high-end series, as they should be. Samsung Galaxy S series and the Note series offer the best of specs, front and rear cameras with amazing features and quality, powerful processors, processor speed and performance, and unbeatable design. The Galaxy S series, also the flagship series. Is considered to be the best though.

Does Samsung Galaxy offer devices other than Samsung mobile phone handsets?

Yes, apart from galaxy phones, it offers accessories including:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch (smart wristwatch)
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds (earplugs)
  • Samsung Galaxy Beam (projector)

Which Samsung Galaxy smartphone would be the right choice for me?

The answer to this depends on what is your criteria for the right smartphone, also your budget plays the primary role in this. The Galaxy ‘S’ series offers the most stylish designs equipped with the latest software and high-end specs. The Galaxy Note series is yet another high-end line of phablets with top-notch offerings. If you want a phone to meet your creativity needs and elegance requirements, and you don’t mind paying the extra bucks, you may consider buying the latest smartphone from either of these series. However, if you are looking for a phone with good tech specs but an affordable price, consider the options offered by the Galaxy A series.

What things must I keep in mind when I’m looking for a Samsung Galaxy phone deal?

Selecting a deal for a new smartphone, with such a high number of options available in the market, can be terrifying for most of us. Make sure to keep the following things in mind when looking for a new Galaxy phone deal:

Take your time to allocate the budget for your new phone, and the contract term you’re comfortable committing to. Compare all your possible options before you approach a phone seller for purchasing your chosen deal. Research for insurance, instead of simply picking what’s offered with the chosen deal. Watch out for credit checks and increase in prices.

What are the best value Samsung Galaxy S deals for its latest models?

The two latest, and most raved galaxy phones currently are the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Read on to find the best deals available for these phones.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 (5G) deals

Currently, the cheapest deal for the latest Galaxy phone is the O2 deal through Mobile Phones Direct or Vodafone for a total cost of £824 (with an upfront cost of £200), spread over 24 months, for 128gb of storage and a monthly data allowance of 40GB. However, the Vodafone deal has a lesser monthly data offering of 25GB.

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals

The cheapest deal for S20 Fan Edition is the two-year contract with Vodafone through Chitter Chatter, for a total cost of £544 with an upfront cost of £160, and a monthly data allowance of 6GB. Another good deal for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G is the O2 deal through Mobile Phones Direct for a total cost of £582 with a higher monthly data offering of 30GB.

Is buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy phone worth considering?

If your priority is to have a good, fully functional smartphone, and you’re not desperate to get your hands on only the latest Samsung phone, then keeping in mind the rapidly rising rate of inflation you may consider getting a refurbished phone. Resellers only keep phones that meet certain standards of quality, so you may find a decent phone for much lesser money.

Which is the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone of 2021?

With its many series and releases of phones around the year, it’s hard to keep track of the latest Galaxy phone.

From the Samsung Galaxy S series, the latest and currently the best Samsung phone is its flagship phone, the Galaxy S21 which was released in January this year (2021).

One of its more recent phones is the Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2 with its 6GB RAM, 6.7-inch display size, octa-core processor, 4500 mAh battery, and Android 11 OS which was released on 14th April 2021.

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