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12 best kids’ Easter eggs that you’ll want to keep for yourself

From scrumptious spaceships to dairy-free treats, these are a dream come true for little chocoholics

<p>They needed to taste eggscellent, but extra points went to creative shapes and conscious design </p>

They needed to taste eggscellent, but extra points went to creative shapes and conscious design

Fluffy lambs are dancing in the fields, hot cross buns are in the toaster, and the Easter bunny is working overtime. This spring celebration revolves around rebirth and renewal – but for many children, nothing says Easter like the humble egg.

Rewind to 1875, and it was Cadbury who first created the modern chocolate Easter egg. Now, a staggering 80 million eggs are sold each year in the UK alone.

While there may not be an age limit on Easter egg consumption – and adults shouldn’t be denied the pleasure – a child to an Easter egg is like a moth to a flame. Therefore, parents or grandparents naturally want to put the right eggs in their baskets for their little ones.

How we tested

Easter came early this year, with four mini chocoholics primed for testing (aged from three to 14-years-old). At the top of our check list, is how the egg in question – and any chocolate fodder which came with it – tasted.

We were looking for depth of flavour which saw us craving more, but we also rated how fun the eggs were – from creative shapes to tasty textures and tantalising extras.  We wanted to see clever designs, which not only pleased our tastebuds but also considered how consciously the chocolate had been created.

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The best kids’ Easter eggs for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Cadbury fingers chocolate egg, 547g: £12,
  • Best conscious chocolate – Chococo milk chocolate ocean Easter egg, 175g: £13,
  • Best flavour – KitKat Chunky salted caramel popcorn incredible chocolate Easter egg: £12,
  • Best showstopper – Hotel Chocolat extra thick you crack me up easter egg, 395g: £30,
  • Best value for money – Montezuma clucky milk chocolate chick with buttons, 100g: £6,
  • Best selection – Tony’s egg-stra special chocolate eggs: £4.49,
  • Best design – Aldi Dairyfine strawberry ice cream egg, 215g: £6.99,
  • Best dairy-free egg – Happi Easter egg plain milk, 170g: £11.99,
  • Best for younger kids – Cadbury dairy milk plush Peter Rabbit Easter egg, 100g: £10,
  • Best creative shape – M&S space eggsplorer, 125g: £5,
  • Best vegan egg – Moofreesas organic Easter egg, 185g: £5.99,
  • Best for sweet and savoury – Reese’s peanut butter Easter egg, 232g: £9.78,

Cadbury fingers chocolate egg, 547g

Best: Overall

Rating: 10/10

This Easter egg is a whopper and, weighing in at 547g, is certainly the biggest of those we tested. It’s big enough to feed the whole family (although we will not be held responsible for sensible sharing). Cadbury Fingers fanatics young and old – or quite frankly anyone with a penchant for creamy chocolate and shortcake scrumminess – will be thrilled with this Easter egg. The shell itself is filled with shortcake biscuit pieces, making the egg the star of the show. And when Easter is over, there are three bags of mini fingers to be enjoyed.

Chococo milk chocolate ocean Easter egg, 175g

Best: Conscious chocolate

Rating: 9/10

This year marks Chococo’s 20th birthday, established in Dorset back in 2002. With humble beginnings, Chococo still makes all its choccy creations by hand using single origin chocolate, and continues to keep its packaging 100 per cent plastic-free. In fact, that caring ethos is across this whole product as five per cent of the sale goes to The Ocean Giants Programme, which not only inspires the next generation of marine scientists but also supports vital conservation efforts.

This egg is good looking on the outside with its paint splatters of blue, which is created using natural colours, and on the inside, as the milk chocolate turtles and mini starfish patiently wait inside – much to our mini testers’ delight. The egg is surprisingly robust – it took a good whack to crack open – and this is thanks to the thick shell, while the 45 per cent Venezuelan origin milk chocolate is rich and moreish. In summary… a good egg.

KitKat Chunky salted caramel popcorn incredible chocolate Easter egg

Best: Flavour

Rating: 9/10

Gone are the days when a KitKat meant an insubstantial two-finger chocolate bar at your grandparents. KitKat continues to launch new flavours to its chunky range, from cookie dough to peanut butter. Its latest creation had our mini testers in a chocolate-induced coma, because it’s oh so moreish. May we introduce the KitKat chunky salted caramel popcorn incredible chocolate Easter egg.

The chocolate egg shell itself has been infused with crunchy salted corn pieces, which is reminiscent of over indulgent cinema trips, as it’s a sweet and salty taste sensation. The shell boasts a textured outer, which adds to its appeal. You’ll also get three KitKat chunky salted caramel popcorn bars to enjoy. This egg certainly has the “wow factor” and was a hit across the board.

Hotel Chocolat extra thick you crack me up easter egg, 395g

Best: Showstopper

Rating: 9/10

Hotel Chocolat have an incredible selection of Easter-related foolery (60 items, to be precise), from its caramayo chocolate Easter sandwich to eggs and soldiers Easter truffles. From any other brand you may consider it gimmicky or a little over the top, but we’d expect nothing but the best from this brand. When it first started making Easter eggs more than a decade ago, it was advised to make them as thin as possible. But it did the opposite, opting for mega thick shells that still snap with satisfaction.

And the extra thick you crack me up Easter egg is anything but ordinary. It’s full of crowd-pleasing features from its extra thick shell, to a mixture of 40 per cent milk chocolate on one side and creamy caramel-white chocolate on the other. And if that’s not enough, it’s full of 12 tasty treats inside, too. The comical characters come in the shape of city bunnies and miniature faces.

All in all, this egg is fun, filling, and full of surprises! What’s more, the brand focuses on more cacao, and less sugar… which is what all guilty parents want to hear.

Montezuma clucky milk chocolate chick with buttons, 100g

Best: Value for money

Rating: 9/10

Clucky’s cute chick face put a smile on all mini testers faces – before briskly being cracked open. While almost too adorable to eat, we have to say Montezuma’s chocolate was one of the creamiest we tasted, really hitting that chocolate fix. A family-owned, British-made chocolate company, Montezuma has built a reputation since launching in 2000 for producing some of the finest and most innovative chocolate in the UK. And we can’t deny its choccy credentials; the shell was generously proportioned, so while it’s a “small egg” it felt substantial, while the sizeable chocolate buttons are an added bonus.  Plus for £6, it’s a purse-friendly taste of luxury.

Tony’s egg-stra special chocolate eggs

Best: Selection

Rating: 9/10

Tony’s never fails to disappoint, not only on the taste test – and wow, do these guys know a thing or two about making delicious chocolate – but also on the brand’s ethos credentials. With a mission to end slavery in the chocolate industry, they really are the chocolate brand that cares.

For something different this Easter, enjoy not one egg… but a dozen. Our mini testers loved a blind taste test, as it’s not overtly obvious which flavour is which (unless you’re a hardcore Tony’s fan). You’ll get 12 eggs, with 10 flavours, and this – like its chocolate bars – is to demonstrate the inequality in the chocolate industry.

Aldi Dairyfine strawberry ice cream egg, 215g

Best: Design

Rating: 8/10

OK… so calling this an egg may be somewhat tenuous, but Aldi’s Dairyfine strawberry ice cream egg is a sugarholic’s dream. Like something that’s been created in Willy Wonka’s factory, it features a blonde chocolate and wafer cone which is laced with popping candy and topped with a strawberry white chocolate scoop which is then sprinkled with mini eggs, sugar strands and freeze-dried raspberry pieces. A masterpiece, it’s something to be enjoyed over several sittings as it’s rather sweet, but the inclusion of popping candy is genius, as it never disappoints.

Happi Easter egg plain milk, 170g

Best: Dairy-free egg

Rating: 8/10

Whether you’re lactose intolerant or it’s a conscious milk alternative choice, oat milk has been a gamechanger for many, and its popularity continues to accelerate. Oat milk chocolate brand Happi is the plant-based alternative to ensure chocolate cravings can be satisfied. All of Happi’s chocolate is made from single origin 47 per cent Colombian cacao and oat milk, and has an impressive 35 per cent less sugar than other leading chocolate brands. But how did it fare?

We all tucked into this vegan Easter egg and were pleasantly surprised by how creamy it was. While it’s a little richer and darker than your standard milk chocolate it still hits the spot for a chocolate fix and makes a cracking (excuse the pun) alternative.

Cadbury dairy milk plush Peter Rabbit Easter egg, 100g

Best: For younger kids

Rating: 8/10

How do you top the classic taste of a Cadbury’s egg for a child? We can concur that adding a plush Peter Rabbit toy will do the trick. The packaging is sweetly presented with Beatrix Potter illustrations and our three year old tester was delighted to have something to play with once the egg had been swiftly demolished. This is a strong contender for younger kids as it’s not too chocolate heavy.

M&S space eggsplorer, 125g

Best: Creative shape

Rating: 8/10

Easter celebrations will reach new heights with this eggsplorer from Marks & Spencer. Space enthusiasts will be filled with out-of-this-world facts as they’re dotted about the packaging, and plenty of chocolate too. The hollow milk chocolate space shuttle has been creatively designed and comes with seven milk chocolate balls which have been coated in a candy shell. As always, M&S never disappoint on confectionery creativity, which has been matched by deliciousness.

Moofreesas organic Easter egg, 185g

Best: Vegan egg

Rating: 8/10

New for 2022, Moo Free has created its moofreesas organic Easter egg. You may be wondering what that exactly means? Moo Free is a dairy-free brand dedicated to liberating those who either choose not to or can’t eat dairy. Its newly launched moofreesas, “milk” chocolate-covered crunchy rice balls are incredibly moreish, and both the Easter egg and moofreesas are made using single origin organic cocoa from the Dominican Republic.

Full of the good stuff, it’s free from dairy, gluten, soya and palm oil, as well as being suitable for vegans, but what does that do to the taste? Well, we were hugely impressed by the chocolate taste of this vegan product. It certainly had us wanting to go back for more. A good egg for intolerances, it’s also so well priced you could get yourself two.

Reese’s peanut butter Easter egg, 232g

Best: For sweet and savoury

Rating: 8/10

Peanut butter lovers can rejoice in Reese’s peanut butter Easter egg, and while Reese’s might be a little marmite… our mini team certainly had no problem devouring this Easter egg bundle. You’ll receive a gold-foiled covered milk chocolate egg, but the stars of the show have to be the indulgent Reese’s peanut butter crème eggs, which you’re awarded three of. In our eyes, the only way to top this would be to have an egg filled with peanut butter, which even we admit… may be a little nutty.

The verdict: Kids’ Easter eggs

The creator of the modern Easter egg, Cadbury continues to steal the show with its Cadbury Fingers chocolate egg. Coming in XL proportions, by creatively adding shortbread pieces to the shell it was the most moreish by far, and something for all ages.

A close second is Chococo’s milk chocolate ocean Easter egg, which made for a really thoughtful, unusual and totally tasty Easter egg.

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