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16 best baby blankets to keep them snug as a bug in a rug

Whether is for wrapping, tummy time, or general cosiness, we’ve got it covered

<p>Consider organic and natural materials to be kind to baby and the planet</p>

Consider organic and natural materials to be kind to baby and the planet

A baby blanket might sound like a straightforward purchase, but there is a surprising amount of choice when it comes to this nursery essential. So whether you’re eagerly waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive, or looking for the perfect baby gift, we’ve found the best baby blankets for 2022.

More than just a snuggly accessory, a treasured blanket will be passed down from generation to generation, turned to for comfort, and taken along to every new experience of a little one’s life. It’s often the first thing they’ll reach for after a bad dream, and once a baby gets a bit older it might also function as a playmat, superhero cape or picnic blanket.

First up, you’ll need to consider the fabric. You’ll want something super soft and kind to delicate skin, as well as temperature-regulating (which will help to keep your little one from overheating or getting too chilly). Depending on the time of year, a thick blanket may be best, particularly if using in the pram, while in summer a thinner cellular or muslin wrap might be better suited for sofa snuggles.

Organic materials can be a great option, as not only will this limit the number of chemicals and pesticides your baby is exposed to, but it’s kinder on the planet too. To make your selection process easier, we’ve included the washing instructions and size for each blanket below.

How we tested

We were looking for versatile styles, in a range of sizes, that could be used for wrapping, tummy time, and general cosiness throughout the year.

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The best baby blankets for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Joolz Essentials honeycomb blanket: £52.95,
  • Best gift – The Tartan Blanket Company super soft lambswool baby blanket: £45,
  • Best cellular blanket – Mori cellular blanket: £17.50,
  • Best cellular blanket to gift – The Little Green Sheep organic knitted cellular baby blanket: £29.95,
  • Best sensory blanket – Etta Loves x Keith Haring muslin blanket: £55,
  • Best for mix and match – Organic Zoo reversible blanket: £49,
  • Best for on the go – Tobias & the Bear Charcoal bear baby blanket: £28,
  • Best traditional baby blanket – The White Company natural heirloom baby blanket: £34,
  • Best soft baby blanket – Aden + Anais expedition silky soft dream blanket: £59.96,
  • Best budget muslin blanket – Elodie Bamboo muslin blanket: £12.60, Ottie’s Store
  • Best ethical choice – Kit & Kin knitted blanket: £39.99,
  • Best printed muslin blanket – Cam Cam muslin blanket in green leaves: £42.95,
  • Best luxury blanket – Ando Stores The Charlie merino wool blanket: £75,
  • Best striped baby blanket – Polarn O Pyret striped blanket: £22,
  • Best car seat blanket – The Cocoon baby blanket: £34.99,
  • Best travel blanket – Cheeky Chompers travel blanket: £34.99,

Joolz essentials honeycomb blanket

Best: Overall

Rating: 9/10

  • Size: 120cm x 120cm
  • Care: Machine washable

Made from 100 per cent organic cotton in a 1.3 tog, this cosy blanket should be suitable for use year-round. The clever outer honeycomb design looks great and also absorbs moisture and regulates heat, while the reverse layer that is in contact with your baby is made from soft, stretchy smooth jersey cotton. It comes in four gorgeous colours – navy blue, pink, mint and cream – and is perfect for cuddling. We liked the generous size and ribbed edge, and thought it looked super smart when folded over. It’s not the cheapest, but we think you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

The Tartan Blanket company super soft lambswool baby blanket

Best: Gift

Rating: 9/10

  • Size: 75cm x 110cm (including fringing)
  • Care: Hand wash

These tartan lambswool baby blankets make a wonderful gift and can be customised with the baby’s name – or anything you fancy. Trust us when we say the fabric is wonderfully soft and not the slightest bit itchy (feeling is believing). Wool is quite the miracle material when it comes to newborns. Not only is it a sustainable, natural choice, but it also keeps baby cool in summer, warm in winter, and extra snuggly at all times – just like a newborn lamb.

We love this dusky pink and navy multi check colourway, which is also available as a part of a baby gift box, where you can pick a blanket design of your choice and elevate it with little extras for little people.

Mori cellular blanket

Best: Basic cellular blanket

Rating: 9/10

  • Size: 70cm x 100cm
  • Care: Machine washable

Mori is our go-to brand for luxe newborn gifts. Everything is made from soft, sustainable materials that are ideal for newborn skin. This blanket is one of the brand’s more basic items but still feels like a treat, arriving in a Mori gift box, wrapped in tissue paper.

Cellular blankets are recommended for newborns as they are generally made from soft cotton (this one is a mix of organic cotton and sustainable bamboo). The tiny holes allow for maximum airflow, which is thought to be safer for your little ones (should the fabric fall over their face) and makes them useful year round. It comes in six chic, unisex shades, from blush to dark blue, but we particularly like this fresh mint colourway for modern nurseries.

The Little Green Sheep organic knitted cellular baby blanket

Best: Cellular blanket to gift

Score: 9/10

  • Size: 75cm x 75cm
  • Care: Machine washable

With a similar construction to the Mori blanket above, The Little Green Sheep’s neutral wrap is also a safe cellular choice. However, it’s made from thicker organic cotton making it ideal for winter babies. It arrives tied neatly with a leather bow, complete with gift tag ready to hand over to new parents. The square design also makes swaddling easier to master. Choose from dove grey, linen, midnight, honey or pure white colourways.

Etta Loves x Keith Haring muslin blanket

Best: Sensory blanket

Rating: 9/10

  • Size: 120cm x 120cm
  • Care: Machine washable

A collaboration between baby brand Etta Loves and the estate of contemporary New York artist Keith Haring, this piece is designed to be as snuggly as it is stimulating. Made from triple-layered super-soft organic cotton, it’s thick but breathable, making it versatile enough for snuggles and tummy time.

The bold reversible prints are more than just a cool design – each side aids cognitive development from the newborn days (black and white), through to five monthsand up on the colourful side. Large enough to be used as a playmat, we’d say this is a sound investment.

Organic Zoo reversible blanket

Best: For mix and match

Rating: 9/10

  • Size: 85cm x 75cm
  • Care: Machine washable

Made from two layers of super-soft organic jersey cotton, the neutral moon illustration is printed on both sides, and this is ideal for tummy time or to keep your baby cosy in their cot. We love how it feels, and by choosing this product, you’re also supporting more sustainable farming and production processes, too. In true Organic Zoo-style, this piece is designed to be mixed and matched with the rest of the range. So, if you love the print it also comes in a bib, bonnet, and all-in-one bodysuit. We were also impressed with how small it folds down for use on the go, and thought it felt fantastic quality.

Tobias & The Bear charcoal bear baby blanket

Best: For on the go

Rating: 9/10

  • Size: 70cm x 70cm
  • Care: Machine washable

Made from beautifully soft organic cotton, Tobias & the Bear’s designs feature cute but cool prints (made with baby-safe inks), for modern parents that don’t fancy adorning their newborn in sickly sweet animal characters.

Ideal for when you’re out and about, it packs down small and the square size is great for swaddling your baby like a burrito. If you love the charcoal bear design, it’s also available in a range of items including a romper, dungarees and a snuggly cardigan. The blanket can also be personalised with baby’s initials (£3.95).

The White Company natural heirloom baby blanket

Best: Traditional baby blanket

Rating: 9/10

  • Size: 75cm x 100cm
  • Care: Machine washable

This is a great baby blanket, at a great price. It arrives neatly tied in a fabric bow, so is perfect for gifting, and the natural colourway will suit any nursery colour scheme.

Made from 100 per cent cotton, it has a lovely soft hand-feel, and the small holes breathable holes ensure it’s a safe choice, too. We loved the size, the fact it’s machine washable, and the neat rib finish. We think it’s the perfect all-rounder, although do note that it’s not organic.

Aden + Anais expedition silky soft dream blanket

Best: Soft baby blanket

Rating: 9/10

  • Size: 120cm x 120cm
  • Care: Machine washable

We couldn’t quite believe just how soft this generously sized baby blanket from aden + anais was. Made from four layers of pre-washed muslin, it was the snuggliest comforter we tried. It features one of the brand’s latest hand-drawn prints, with pastel elephants and giraffes on one side, and pretty grey pin dots on the other. It’s a little pricier than some others, but we think this is well justified by the quality and versatility. In fact, if they could make one in adult size, we’d buy that as well!

Elodie bamboo muslin blanket

Best: Budget muslin blanket

Rating: 8/10

  • Size: 80cm x 80cm
  • Care: Machine washable

With such a multitude of uses, we don’t think you’ll ever regret this purchase. A combination of certified-organic cotton and breathable bamboo, this double-layer blanket felt softer after each wash. Aside from snuggles and swaddling, we’ll be using this while nursing, as a makeshift changing mat and in the buggy. We adore this apricot colour, and it’s practical, too.

Kit & Kin knitted blanket

Best: Ethical choice

Rating: 8/10

  • Size: 100cm x 70cm
  • Care: Machine washable

Part of former Spice Girl Emma Bunton’s sustainable baby range (which includes eco-friendly nappies), this simple grey-and-white blanket is made from 100 per cent organic cotton and feels oh-so-soft as a result. It’s not the cheapest, but the chunky knit feels like it will stand up to whatever life throws at it. For extra feel-good vibes, every purchase helps fund community projects in Guatemala through the brand’s “Giving Back” initiative.

Cam Cam muslin blanket in green leaves

Best: Printed muslin blanket

Rating: 8/10

  • Size: 100cm x 100cm
  • Care: Machine washable

Any new parent will tell you just how useful muslins are in the first few months, and this four-layered blanket, made from GOTS-certified organic cotton is every bit as versatile. The soft unisex leaf print should work back to any colour scheme, whether using in the pram, for sofa snuggles or as decoration. Lightweight and breathable, it’s a great option for warmer weather.

Ando Stores The Charlie merino wool blanket

Best: Luxury blanket

Score: 8/10

  • Size: 70cm x 95cm
  • Care: Hand wash

OK, so it’s not the cheapest, but if you’re looking for a luxe gift (or hoping for one from baby’s grandparents), Belgian brand Ando stocks a beautiful selection of baby goodies, all in a neutral colour palette.

Merino wool is a safe choice for new babies as it has thermoregulating qualities and is good for sensitive skins. Although it does come with a higher price point, this is no doubt a blanket you’ll treasure forever, with a classic weave that will never date.

Polarn O Pyret striped blanket

Best: Striped baby blanket

Rating: 8/10

  • Size: 84cm x 84cm
  • Care: Machine washable

For those with a minimalist nursery scheme in mind, POP’s signature stripes should appeal. The Swedish children’s brand has made this blanket with gorgeously soft certified-organic cotton, and it’s compact enough for use on the go. With a solid colour block on the reverse, it’s easy to mix and match with other pieces in the range for a capsule, unisex collection to pass on to future siblings.

The Cocoon baby blanket

Best: Car seat blanket

Score: 7.5/10

  • Size: 75cm x 90cm
  • Care: Machine washable

Another clever blanket, designed with travel systems in mind, the cocoon blanket fits snugly into car seats, allowing you to wrap your baby up, while also securing a three- or five-point harness. It fastens with fuss-free poppers (the buttons are fake) and means you won’t need to wrestle them out of a chunky winter suit when you get in. It can also be used in prams, pushchairs and carrycots and is machine washable, with a cute little hood for added protection. It’s a very clever blanket that we didn’t realise we needed until we tried it for ourselves. We liked the black marl knitted design but would have preferred if it was made from more natural materials (it’s a mix of acrylic and polyester).

Cheeky Chompers travel blanket

Best: Travel blanket

Score: 7/10

  • Size: 80cm x 62cm x 3cm
  • Care: Machine washable

Cheeky Chompers originally launched with a chewy dribble bib (think of it as a teether and bib in one), but has now expanded its range to include this soft travel blanket. It’s made from a super-soft fleecy material and is designed to be attached to pushchairs, car seats or baby carriers via poppers – ideal if your little one ends up kicking their blanket off when out and about. We think this neutral star print will appeal to most people, and if you’re buying it as a gift, it can also be personalised.

The verdict: Baby blankets

With such a strong line-up of gorgeous baby blankets, it was hard to pick a favourite. For a hard-wearing (yet super soft) organic option, Joolz’s honeycomb blanket is sure to last the test of time.

If you’re looking for a special personalised gift that new parents are unlikely to splurge on themselves, we’d recommend The Tartan Blanket Company’s lambswool baby blanket.

And finally, for an everyday blanket you can stock up on in a range of beautiful colours, we think Mori’s cellular blanket deserves a place in your shopping basket.

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