The Great New Year's Day Quiz answers

Saturday 01 January 2011 01:00

Breakthroughs: 1 Calder Hall; 2 Car to travel at over 100mph; 3 House to be lit by electricity; 4 Metropolitan; 5 Heart transplant

Music: 1 Prokofiev; 2 Replacement answer; 3 Handel's Messiah; 4 Everything; 5 The Rolling Stones. They performed "I Wanna Be Your Man".

People: 1 Replacement answer; 2 Passengers who died on the Titanic; 3 Drink-driving; 4 Husbands of Elizabeth Taylor; 5 First Test hat-trick

Books: 1 David Copperfield; 2 Zoe Heller; her second novel was Notes on a Scandal; 3 Suez; 4 Weather; 5 Booker Prize winner (in 1969)

Cities: 1 Gisborne; 2 St Louis; 3 Replacement answer; 4 Bradford; 5 The United Nations building

Pictures: ‘New’: Rik Mayall in The New Statesman; Paul Newman; New Order; tennis player John Newcombe; singer/actor Anthony Newley; Edinburgh New Town; Olivia Newton-John; New College, Oxford; Sir Isaac Newton

Pioneers: 1 Because he didn't know how to use a camera; 2 Survive leaping over the Niagara Falls; 3 Walk on the moon; 4 Lawrence of Arabia; 5 Orville

TV: 1 Chanel No 5; 2 Tony Blackburn; 3 Lucille Ball; 4 Strictly - May 2004. The X Factor launched in September 2004; 5 Dr Who

Miscellaneous: 1 A white cross on a green background; 2 41p; 3 Spitfire; 4 The Maldives; 5 Freedom of expression

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