The Independent Film Forum: 6. Bronson

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Wednesday 18 March 2009 01:00

Salford Roy: "Two 2009 films are essential for me, and they have a tenuous link – 'Star Trek', and 'Bronson'. Former 'Star Trek' (there's yer link!) actor Tom Hardy is truly talented. I regret the prison officers' union has complained about this film. Of course, prison officers never dish out their own violence... Charlie [Bronson] has a story to tell."

Marcus Peerman: "I hated everything about this movie... It's a pretentious apology for a thug, with little talent of any kind on screen."

Randy Carmichael: "A decent film, but not great. There were some nice stylistic things from the director, and good performances. However, I can't help but think of the Australian film 'Chopper', from 2000, on a similar theme. This pales in comparison to 'Chopper', in particular Eric Bana's lead role. 'Bronson' looks like standard "Brit film" mediocrity, but it's not without merit."

Sickofstupidity: "For all its arty pretensions, this is yet another shameful glamorisation of nasty-psychopathic-thug-as-antihero. Why do film-makers persist in this? The people they portray – fictional or, in this case, real – are not nice people; for the most part, they are ignorant, stupid, callous, sadistic sociopaths who are behind bars for a very good reason. Do film-makers consider the harm they might be doing by setting these thugs up as role models? GROW UP! Stop portraying violent criminals as "cool", please!"

Dee Morris: "You say the film glorifies Bronson's violence, but it also shows the self-rehabilitation he's done, against all odds. He's written books and sells art for charities. He is never given recognition for this. [He] is far from the animal the media portray him as."

Overtthesea09: "Another British movie nobody will watch..."

Next week: Their sketch show was trashed but will James Corden and Mathew Horne do better in their big screen debuts? 'The Independent' Film Forum next discusses 'Lesbian Vampire Killers'. Cult classic or a lifeless charabanc? Add your comments to /filmforum and we'll print the best next week.

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