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Why we can never hear enough about the case for net zero

It is vital that people like CBI director-general Tony Danker continue to face down the reductive arguments against a push for climate initatives as we face an energy crisis, writes James Moore. Investment in a greener future will pay rich dividends

Tuesday 07 June 2022 21:30 BST
Britain’s offshore wind industry will ultimately cut bills for consumers
Britain’s offshore wind industry will ultimately cut bills for consumers (PA)

One of the many problems created by the energy price spike is the door it appears to have opened for those seeking to downplay the climate crisis.

The case presented by these fans of hoary old fiction that ought long ago to have been cast into the recycling bin at the back of the British Library goes something like this:

“With prices like those we are seeing today, we simply can’t afford to go green... That being the case, let’s dump all those green levies and instead divert resources into subsidising new North Sea fossil fuel projects, boosting gas storage, and pushing ahead with fracking in places where no one will bother if the locals make a fuss about the possible polluting of the water table. Or earthquakes.”

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