Faethm are thinking about the human aspect of a robot future

The future may be robots and AI, but how many have thought about what happens to humans in that world? Martin Friel spoke to the start-up doing exactly that

Wednesday 30 June 2021 21:30
<p>Michael Priddis: ‘We need to stop talking about the future of work’</p>

Michael Priddis: ‘We need to stop talking about the future of work’

There is an assumption that the future of work need not concern the governments, businesses and workers of today. Which is probably quite comforting because it seems that this workplace of the future will be dominated by robots, with humans playing, at best, a peripheral role.

Every business consultancy worth its salt has sought to predict what our employment will look like; what roles will disappear, and what technology will make them vanish.

But few have much idea of what will happen to the people currently doing those jobs, beyond vague advice to retrain. The most extreme vision of the future is one where there isn’t actually any work to be done by humans, who will survive instead on a universal basic income.

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