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The company using blockchain technology to make better dog food

We love our pets but how much do we really think about the food we give them? Martin Friel speaks to the co-founders of Marleybones about knowing exactly where the ingredients come from

Wednesday 23 December 2020 16:33
<p>Joesphine Bager (left) and Mikala Skov show off their pooch posh nosh</p>

Joesphine Bager (left) and Mikala Skov show off their pooch posh nosh

We are known as a nation of pet lovers and that love is taking ever more extreme forms as humanisation of our pets continues apace. They are being dressed in clothes, subjected to detailed conversations they have no hope of understanding, being groomed to a human standard. Some of us are even using apps to monitor our pet’s daily activity and “goals”, and setting up “play dates” with other pets.

In this context, a pet food brand that only uses only human grade ingredients and uses blockchain technology to track and verify the welfare and environmental credentials of those ingredients, doesn’t seem quite so extreme.

Which is why it’s worth taking a second look at Marleybones, a company that aims to bring greater quality and transparency to the dog food sector. The concept, while high tech in parts, is pretty straightforward.

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