These parents have probably told their child a lie about the ocean
These parents have probably told their child a lie about the ocean

7 lies parents have told their kids

One kid was told that if they ate green beans their boobs would get bigger 

Mollie Goodfellow@hansmollman
Friday 18 December 2015 19:21

Parents tend to tell their children little white lies to make their lives a little bit easier.

When you grow up and figure out your parents told you fibs when you were young, it can be funny.

In a thread on Reddit, users shared their favourite lies that their parents’ used to tell them.

User 'Backpacks_Got_Jets', who is a parent, wrote: “I tell my kids I'm allergic to peas so I can still make them eat their vegetables and not have to eat icky peas.”

'_PM_ME_YOUR_THINGS_' revealed that his mother lied about where he came from completely.

“My mom told my siblings and I that we were found under toadstools when we were babyies and that if we misbehave she would bring us back to the toadstools and let us fend for ourselves.”

One sneaky Grandad told grandchild and Reddit user 'leftywrites' that they’d change gender once they reached their 10th birthday: “Throughout the years, my grandfather convinced all of his grandchildren under the age of, say 4, that they would change into a member of the opposite sex on their 10th birthday. I believed it for way too long, and cried uncontrollably at the prospect of becoming a boy.”

'Adamant_Majority' posted that their mother told them their cows lick was made by a legitimate cow.

“My mom told me the cowlick on my head was the result of an actual bovine licking my head, somehow remaining permanent. I believed it for longer than I believed in Santa.”

'binkledinklerinkle' revealed their dad “used to tell me that if I picked my nose my head would cave in.”

In a bizarre attempt to make his child eat all of his dinner, 'RamsesThePigeon' said that their father "once tried to convince me - then age five - that if I didn't finish eating my dinner, the ice cream in the refrigerator would turn into pine cones."

In the same vein of trying to get their kids to do chores, user saltinado was told by their mother: "There was a special club that you could only get into if you cleaned your plate. The Clean Plate Club, as described by my mother was one swanky organization, and very exclusive."

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