Asda launches 'perfect for proposal' sticker on avocados

Would you say 'I avoca-do?'

Rachel Hosie
Thursday 22 February 2018 11:25

With the world simultaneously laughing, scoffing and rejoicing at the revelation that some millennials have taken to proposing with a ring inside an avocado, one British supermarket has made a move to help those who want to jump on the trend.

Asda has launched a new sticker designating which avocados are ‘perfect for proposal.’

It’s no secret that picking a perfect avocado takes skill, dedication and a good deal of time - God forbid anyone have to choose an avocado in a rush - but obviously if you’re choosing one to accompany what may be the most important question of your life, you want to get it right.

The very millennial trend sees people cutting an avocado in half and removing the stone to make space for an engagement ring, then opening the fruit as if it were a box.

While the concept may not be particularly widespread yet, perhaps Asda’s stickers will encourage more people to pop the question with everyone’s favourite brunch food.

Currently available at the budget supermarket’s Clapham store in South London, the avocados are chosen based on Asda’s own version of the ‘four Cs’ - whilst someone choosing a diamond ring might look for colour, clarity, carat and cut, when choosing the avocados, Asda has assessed colour, complexion, cut and creaminess.

After all, you wouldn’t want to open the avo to find a bruised, brown, mushy mess with the ring somewhere lost inside.

Asda’s ‘perfect for proposal’ avocados have been selected by Adrian Kurzynski, Asda Clapham’s Avocado Expert. He looked out for:

  • Colour - “Hue is key,” Kurzynski says. “If you’re looking for an avocado to propose with immediately, pick one with dark green to purple-y or brown skin.”
  • Complexion - This should be “firm but malleable outer-casing, free from scratches or blemishes, with a bumpy alligator-like skin will look the part,” according to Kurzynski. “Use the thumbprint test to determine firmness.”
  • Cut - “Choose a perfect pear-shaped avocado to slice vertically straight down each side through the middle until you hit the pit, making a symmetrical cut,” he advises. “To extract the pit, slide a spoon between the seed and the fruit, and gently work it out of the flesh, leaving a perfect circle for the ring to take centre-stage.”
  • Creaminess - You ideally want a “soft, smashable flesh, but not over-ripe, as it will risk mess on the ring,” Kurzynski says. “Best to opt for a firm feel to cushion the ring in place and keep it standing proudly.”

While some deem the concept of proposing with an avocado ring-box to be ridiculous, others say they couldn’t imagine anything more perfect.

“Whilst all our avocados are of a high quality and perfect for smashing on toast, it takes a keen eye to identify those that embody the four Cs, so our new labelling system aims to help make the proposal process that much easier for those following the trend,” Kurzynski says

“From a soft, yet firm avocado to keep the ring in place, to a perfect pear-shape that allows for symmetrical slicing, our ‘Perfect for Proposal’ sticker system will help the increasing number of avocado proposals go as smoothly as the flesh of the fruit they’re holding.”

The select avocados are available from today in Asda Clapham Junction, with prices starting from the usual price of 50p for a single avocado.

Would you say “I avoca-do?”

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