The average Brit commits 32 crimes a year, research reveals

Who knew that household chores could get you arrested?

Olivia Petter
Tuesday 25 July 2017 16:07

Ever sung Happy Birthday in a restaurant? Or vacuumed your house after 8pm? Or been drunk in a pub?

Despite 98 per cent of Britons considering themselves to be law-abiding citizens, it turns out, we’re all just a bunch of criminals.

New research carried out by BT TV, to celebrate the launch of "Better Call Saul" on AMC, has revealed that we carry out 32 crimes each year on average.

‘Catch me if you can, suckers’

That’s not to say we’re all moonlighting as nifty pick-pockets and nautically-dressed robbers.

It just so happens that many of our day-to-day rituals might be making us criminals.

The research revealed that common crimes committed on a regular basis include gesturing to road users, dropping litter and cycling through a red light.

Who knew?

48 per cent of Brits surveyed admitted to singing Happy Birthday in a restaurant – the devilish fiends.

The study also revealed that people are most likely to break the law at precisely 1.52pm on a Saturday afternoon.

Whilst 84 per cent people admitted to being confused by what is and what isn't legal, 33 per cent revelead that they have been caught doing something illegal, whether it's robbing a bank or dropping a chocolate bar wrapper on the pavement.

'Relax, they'll never find me'

Some of the strangest British laws though, which are ones to watch out for, include carrying planks (of any kind) on the pavement, handling salmon "in suspicious circumstances" and importing potatoes which have the potential to be from Poland.

Watch out, people. You never know when someone's watching you manhandling that salmon fillet on the street, with a ladder in tow whilst Polish potatoes stew away in your handbag.

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