350,000 people will spend Christmas alone, we chat to one of them

‘Unless someone invites me, I will watch the television.’

Marta Portocarrero
Thursday 17 December 2015 14:33
Violet alone at Christmas (new)

Christmas for most people is about spending time with loved ones. However, this Christmas, over 300,000 elderly people will be alone.

Violet Newland, an 85-year old Londoner is one of them. All of Violet’s immediate family have died and the two friends she spent Christmas with last year have since passed away.

Aside from a Christmas lunch hosted by the Abbeyfield charity, Violet will be alone.

We spent the day with Violet and found out how she copes with loneliness during the festive period.

“Unless someone invites me, I will watch the television”.

“I have got a cousin who lives in Yorkshire, but she never bothers to phone me… I’m not interested.”

Violet is just one example of a reality faced by thousands of people.

According to Age UK, 3.5 million elderly people live alone. Abbeyfield reports that one million elderly people only have contact once a month with family, friends and neighbours.

There are several organisations working to tackle the issue of elderly people spending Christmas alone such as Abbeyfield, Age UK and Friends of the Elderly.

You can find out more information on fundraising and volunteering in the links above.

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