Flight attendant hands out food to passengers
Flight attendant hands out food to passengers

Sex, drugs, and dead animals: Flight attendants and passengers reveal the weirdest things to happen on planes

Travelling at 37,000 feet in the air makes passengers do strange things - from opening emergency exit doors to smoking crack

Eleanor Ross
Friday 25 December 2015 16:59

Airline crews and frequent fliers revealed some of their weirdest ever inflight experiences - from crack smoking to the heads of dead animals.

The series of anecdotes surfaced on question and answer site quora.com.

Weird sex demands are among the most bizarre things flight attendants said they had to deal with, with one flight attendant saying: "One guy asked me if he could masturbate even though the seatbelt sign was turned on."

Emily Cohen, a frequent flier, described how she was flying first class and experienced a drunk fellow passenger.

“There was a couple seated behind me; the wife was clearly drunk," he said.

"She was acting dopey and this was definitely delaying take off. The husband eventually became so irate he punched his wife in the face. They were both escorted off by the authorities, he in handcuffs, she with an ice pack over one eye.”

Katerina Simms had a cabin crew friend who told her about the time a passenger used a sanitary towel as an eyemask.

“My friend got into an argument with a guy who insisted on having everything that was complimentary on-board," she wrote.

"At one point a lady asked for a sanitary pad and he insisted he should have one too. Upon receiving his free sanitary pad he peeled the paper backing off, exposed the sticky side, and stuck it over his eyes, falling asleep soon after.”

Other bizarre inflight moments include mopping up the blood dripping from an overhead locker after an antelope's head was found in it, and finding a car engine that was brought onboard by a Nigerian passenger.

That pales in comparison to the number of passengers who use the overhead lockers for bassinets.

Roi Yair remembered a flight where a lady became enraged after a flight attendant closed the overhead locker.

“As the crew were preparing for take-off, the flight attendants went through the aisles closing the overhead compartments," Roi wrote.

"On their way back, one of the flight attendants noticed that the compartment was still open. As she went to close it the lady sitting there got up and yelled at her: ‘How do you expect my baby to breathe with the apartment closed?’”

In another post, David Cannon recalled a time when he was flying out of Texas and noticed a man light up a crack pipe on the back row. "Because Texas?" he said he queried.

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