Météorites Pearls Powder, £41.50, Guerlain, selfridges.com
Météorites Pearls Powder, £41.50, Guerlain, selfridges.com

The 5 best Easter beauty treats: Guilt-free gifts from Hotel Chocolat, Jo Malone, and Guerlain

The sweet beauty landscape offers all the pleasure of chocolate but none of the calories

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Thursday 24 March 2016 23:59

It's Easter, if you hadn't noticed. The temptation to consume your own body weight in chocolate has become almost inescapable. The supermarket shelves are stacked high with eggs and the affable ritual of social eating dominates. Not to say that we won't be indulging in the odd sugary treat, but the allure of the sweet beauty landscape is just as satisfying, with all the pleasure of chocolate but none of the calories.

Take this fragrance from Hotel Chocolat (1 - see gallery above) – that's not a typo. The British chocolatier has extended its know-how to the world of beauty and this heady cocoa-infused perfume is almost good enough to eat. That confectionary allure of cocoa is felt by many, including Jo Malone (2), who infuses this body crème with cocoa seed to leave your skin soft and smelling super sweet.

If you have more of an appetite for spring's natural bounty, then make sure to nail your look with this Speckled Egg nail polish (3) from Models Own; inspired by ornate bird egg shells. If you're missing out on sugary stuff altogether, then it seems only natural to indulge in other ways, more specifically with a beauty binge at Guerlain. A limited edition of its Météorites Pearls Powder (4) guarantees to conceal any post-excess imperfections.

After a hard day of overconsumption, a little R&R is crucial – but there's no need to set confectionery to one side. A golden egg bath bomb (5) is packed full of Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter, molten gold and according to Lush, smells more chocolatey than Willy Wonka's factory. So do an Augustus Gloop and bathe in the stuff.

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