Alexander Fury: Who wants to dress just to impress?

Wear, What, Why, When?

Alexander Fury
Sunday 09 February 2014 22:19

The New York leg of the autumn/winter (“fall” if live across the pond) 2014 collections have begun – despite meteorological mumblings of snowdrifts between three and 30 inches deep. Takes more than that to stop fashion.

It also takes more than that to stop fashion’s dedicated followers. By “dedicated”, we often mean “blind”. Despite the snow, they are out in full force at the New York shows.

What I am referring to, of course, are the street-style fodder. The women (and men – their sex may not be as fair, but they are fair game) whose purpose in life, it seems, is to dress to impress. And for little else. Practicality goes out of the window: I have already seen opened-toed sandals and towering heels, despite the icy conditions.

It was in New York that the phrase “fashion victim” was first coined, by the designer Oscar de la Renta. And it’s only here that you can, quite literally, see a fashion victim fall flat on their face, thanks to the combination of towering heels and the aftermath of the polar vortex.

There’s a touch of schadenfreude to that, if I’m honest, as well as a lingering mistrust and distaste for ostentatious displays of vanity and affectation. Which sounds odd – you assume that’s what fashion shows are all about.

But, for me, fashion is about joy. The joy in dressing. It’s not about peacocking. Hence the reason I love seeing Vogue Japan’s Anna Dello Russo or Susie Lau. They have a joy even the weather can’t dampen.

Me? I’m in wellies and knitwear. Fashion month has begun. Ironically, that’s when I worry about my clothes least of all…

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