Style shrinks: Is the sky the limit for Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon?


The hair

Gemma Hayward: Alesha sure knows how to make the most of her God-given features. The smoky eyeshadow complements her wide hazel eyes and her hair, worn sleek and straight, looks thoroughly modern.

Hugh Montgomery: Ms Dixon has claimed to feel far more expressive since her transfer to Britain's Got Talent: and so it is that she has paired monolithic hair extensions with some cunningly placed black dress panels to pay homage to her favourite Lord of the Rings Lego figure, Gandalf.

The shoes

Gemma: Ignore the dress (no, really, please do) and these shoes look great. The multi-buckles are very of the moment, as is the ankle-length cut-off.

Hugh: Actually, scrub Steps: these S&M-goes-H&M gladiator sandals are totally reminding us it's time for that "Lubricious R&B-pop" provincial nightclub reunion tour featuring Mis-teeq and Liberty X.

The dress

Gemma: Is her head in the clouds? This dress IS HORRIFIC! Why on earth would you think that this 1980s-shouldered, mini-dress with cut-away panels would be a good idea? And to add a tie? It only makes matters worse.

Hugh: Insist you're on cloud nine if you will, Alesha, but you can't disguise the fact that this frock suggests you're just a publicity-seeking panel shake-up away from becoming the sixth member of Steps.

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