A-list ensemble: Julia Roberts
A-list ensemble: Julia Roberts

Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Julia Roberts' penguin warrior-princess impression


Rebecca Gonsalves,Mike Higgins
Sunday 05 January 2014 01:00

The outfit

Rebecca Gonsalves: A lesser-known star could be mistaken for catering staff in this strict ensemble. Now, that's the way to say you're A-list.

Mike Higgins: Can you imagine being a chap in black tie standing next to Julia in the dinner queue? Shimmering proof that dinner jackets are for women only.

The hair/make-up

Rebecca: A soft up-do and natural tones stop this sharp Givenchy tux swerving into suave drag territory.

Mike: Julia's lips are so voluptuous that by the time she's finished applying her lippy, she immediately has to start again. A sort of cosmetic Forth Bridge.

The shoes

Rebecca: A little too much toe is on show in these strappy contraptions for my liking – but someone's bound to disagree.

Mike: Shoes for Xena's night out at the annual Warrior Princess Awards. And about a size 8 by the look of them. Fierce.

The Jewellery

Rebecca: A big old bauble of a ring is the perfect finishing touch – let's hope the Christmas tree didn't miss it too much.

Mike: I would have matched my eyeshadow, lipstick and toenail polish to my big green ring. But that's why I'm rarely allowed out of the office unaccompanied.

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