Style Shrinks: Our experts analyse Rachel Weisz's terribly well-bred look


The Hair/Make-up

Gemma Hayward: Most of us can only dream of looking this gorgeous at 42. And she's against actors using Botox – acting is all about expression, don't you know?

Hugh Montgomery: She may be promoting the latest Bourne movie but how totally beyond the call of branding to take follicle inspiration from her character's action doll.

The dress

Gemma: So this is how to land yourself a Mr Bond, is it? Ms Weisz deserves another Oscar for this uplifting strapless Dior gown, which is daringly split to the thigh.

Hugh: Just the dress to assert your imperious allure when your husband's off gallivanting with some Regina or other.

The bag

Gemma: To be picky, she would have done better to either keep it simple and lose the jewels or go to the other extreme and pick a statement bag.

Hugh: This boxy clutch is so unutterably 1980s, we imagine it contains nothing but Marathon bars and business cards.

The shoes

Gemma: She's taken the trend for transparent shoes and run with it. These bow-adorned Louboutins fit the bill as perfectly as Cinderella's glass slippers.

Hugh: It takes some kind of thespian to make bow-festooned heels look this intense.

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