Fendi's micro baguette manages to be both small and beautifully functional
Fendi's micro baguette manages to be both small and beautifully functional

Size Matters: How mini-bags have been carried from the runway to the high street

It’s time to ditch the hefty handbag as doll-sized carry-alls become the must-have accessory of 2016

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Monday 01 August 2016 10:10

Cash is starting to be seen as something quite old-fashioned and with Apple Pay predicting its demise within the next 10 years the popularity of the purse has taken a tumble. While this development has proved unfavourable for some pieces within the accessory field for others it’s been particularly beneficial. Enter the pint-sized carry-all.

A teeny-tiny bag seems like a tough sell considering the reputation us ladies have for hoarding but just how much stuff do we really need? Take away the mountain of receipts, hair grips and abandoned loose change and you’re left with the everyday essentials; keys, lippie, cardholder and phone. This trend isn’t just super stylish, it’s also helping to redefine what counts as a necessity and makes scouring the depths of a giant shoulder bag for your keys a thing of the past.

The big bag backlash was huge on the runway with scaled-down versions of familiar silhouettes setting the tone. Naturally, luggage aficionado Louis Vuitton led the way for spring/summer 2016 with micro-pleated drawstrings bags and mini trunk-like holdalls swathed in exotic skin, chain links and its signature monogram motif. Doll-size bags were also the carry-all du jour at Fendi and Burberry, with the former downsizing some of its most sought-after styles while Burberry looked to its archives for micro-inspo with the birth of mini belt bags in English suede and house check cotton. This is no fair-weather trend though and promises to take you through to autumn with the likes of Coach, Hugo Boss and Alexander Wang offering mini – and even micro – handbags for the new season.

Aside from the minor caveat that they don’t carry very much, the baby bag offers you the chance to buy into the designer world with smaller and much cheaper versions of popular styles but this miniature movement is big on the high street too. From micro messengers to baby barrel bags the style is almost inconsequential; what’s important is size. It’s time to whittle away the excess and ditch hefty handbags once for all. While you still need somewhere to keep your essentials just remember to keep it petite.

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