Fashion blogger lifts the lid on Instagram payments revealing £64,000 fees per post

Blogger Danielle Bernstein revealed the earning power though social media

Emma Akbareian
Thursday 21 May 2015 13:35

Posting a picture to social media is for most, done without a second thought, for others it's a multi-million pound business.

Fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein who runs WeWoreWhat has opened up to Harper's Bazaar about the money-making machine that is social media.

Bernstein, 22, who has a 992,000 strong following on Instagram commands "from $5,000 - to $15,000" from brands per post (the equivalent of £3,000 - £9,500).

"Last year was definitely my most profitable. I hate talking about money, but let's just say it's more than I could have ever imagined as a 22 year old. I fully support myself, and it's in the mid-six figures," Bernstein explained.

If that sounds like an extraordinary amount of money to be paid for posting a picture on social media, for some bloggers that's small change.

"If you have upwards of six million followers, your fee can be $20,000 to $100,000 a shot," says Kayleen Schaefer.

Last year affiliate marketing site reported that its top performing fashion bloggers were raking in $80,000 a month in commission when readers purchased items that were featured on their blogs.

Turning a blog into a full-time career is by no means a new career path; the likes of Bryan Boy and Scott Schuman have been making a fortune from their respective online exploits for many years now - but the pay per post social media business model is creating a new generation of online superstars.

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