Retailer launches beauty line aimed at 8-year-olds

Friday 28 January 2011 01:00

US retailer Walmart will release an all-natural, partially "anti-aging" beauty line for tweens, called GeoGirl.

Targeting 8- to 12-year-olds, the retail giant says the around 70 new GeoGirl products are eco-friendly and therefore "mother approved," adding that the palette is for those girls who want "real cosmetics, but with natural ingredients."

The products not only are natural, but - quite unbelievably considering the target group - also have an anti-aging effect thanks to their antioxidants. For all those above twelve, prepare to feel old when looking at GeoGirl's product names, whose texting slang ranges from J4G ('Just For Grins') and QTPi ('Cutie Pie') to FYEO ('For Your Eyes Only') and URA* ('You Are A Star').

GeoGirl will include blushes, mascaras, face shimmers, body mists, and cleansers, and will become available in late February. Prices are all under $5.99.

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