Fenty: Rihanna's debut fashion line arrives online

The singer has revealed she was inspired by the 'swag' of men's clothing

Olivia Petter@oliviapetter1
Wednesday 29 May 2019 08:23
Rihannah launchest Fenty in Paris

Few fashion collections have drummed up the anticipation of Rihanna’s Fenty line.

Not only does the launch mark the singer’s first foray into fashion design, it also makes her the first black woman to lead a brand under the prestigious LVMH umbrella, placing Fenty alongside esteemed houses like Louis Vuitton and Dior.

And unlike LVMH’s other labels, Fenty will not debut its collections on the runway and will instead operate on a direct-to-consumer retail model, something that is unheard of among traditional luxury fashion houses.

So Rihanna is already doing things differently with Fenty, and the clothes have only just gone on sale.

To mark the collection's launch, here’s everything you need to know about Fenty, from where to buy it to the singer’s gender-bending inspirations behind her designs.

When is Fenty launching?

The first instalment of Fenty, dubbed release 5-19, goes on sale online on 29 May.

A second instalment of clothes will drop at the end of June.

Where can you buy the collection?

Fenty will operate on a direct-to-consumer retail model, which means the clothes will be sold either online at its digital flagship, Fenty.com, or in pop-up shops as soon as they’re released.

A temporary store has been set up in the Marais district of Paris to mark the brand’s launch.

This contrasts to traditional fashion business models that see houses debut their collections on the catwalk at fashion week and introduce them into shops six months later.

“It’s definitely different from doing a show, with a show there are so many moving parts,” the singer told Vogue on Wednesday, speaking from the Paris pop-up store.

“That’s not to say it hasn’t been hectic, but there is something about the intimacy of doing things this way that I love.”

What will the collection look like?

While much of the brand’s aesthetic had been largely kept under wraps, bar a short teaser video released on Tuesday, fans can now get a look at the full Fenty collection via the newly-released lookbook above.

There are 18 pieces included in the line, and Rihanna’s signature luxe wear-meets-streetwear style is written all over it. The colour palette is mostly neutral – think monochrome, muted camel shades and pastel pinks – but the silhouettes are sharp and sculptural.

Key pieces include the oversized denim jacket-cum-dress with pouffe sleeves, the optic-white blazer dress and the peach tailored suit that comes with its own bum bag.

A handful of fashion editors who previewed the collection in Paris on Tuesday have also praised Fenty’s futuristic sunglasses and strappy toe sandals.

And that’s just the first drop, a second instalment of clothes will be released at the end of June, with new items being unveiled every six to eight weeks thenceforth.

How much will the clothes cost?

The prices for each specific item have yet to be revealed, but Vogue reports that Fenty’s signature shades will start at $420 (£333), while shoes will be upwards of $600 (£475).

The price tags might be high, but they put Fenty in line with LVMH’s other luxury brands, and should come as no surprise to fashion insiders.

What was Rihanna’s inspiration behind the collection?

The singer has revealed in interviews that she wanted every piece to feel like something she would wear herself, which is perhaps by the collection is so denim-heavy.

“Everybody knows my denim obsession is not going to stop,” she told Vogue, referencing a corset dress cut from Japanese raw denim that she says might be her favourite piece.

“I had [the team] make the dress in my size the moment the sample came in just so that I could see what it looked like on my body—my hips, my curves, my thighs,” she added. “Just like everything, it has to come from me; it has to look good on me—I have to love it with a passion. If that feeling isn’t there, it won’t work.”

Rihanna added that she was inspired by menswear too, and hopes that men will snap up some of the gender-neutral pieces she has designed.

“I’ve always loved shopping in the men’s department. I like the swag, the fit of it,” she explained.

Fenty goes on sale online from 29 May

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