This week's top beauty sales: Stila mascara 'steal of the week'

Tuesday 14 September 2010 15:45

Sales on Stila mascara and Cor's beauty products begin this week, plus another vintage sale from MfD.

Beauty Ticket

This week's 'Steal of the week' on Beauty Ticket is quick-drying waterproof mascara from Stila: the mascara normally retails for $20 (€15.56) but has been reduced to a mere $4.99 (€3.88).

  Market for Drama

Another of MfD's ever popular sales of antique and vintage beauty accessories starts on September 21.

  Haute Look

Products from Cor's skincare range contain natural ingredients, wherever possible, and are designed to provide a hassle-free beauty regime. Get up to 40 percent off the skincare line on Haute Look, September 14- 16.

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