Donald Trump 'never ate bread' during fast food binges, former campaign manager reveals

Is the President going low-carb?

Rachel Hosie
Friday 08 December 2017 13:33
Donald Trump 'never ate bread' while binging on fast food during election campaign

Donald Trump is a known lover of fast food.

But according to the president’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, he never ate the bread.

Lewandowski made headlines this week when an excerpt of his book ‘Let Trump Be Trump’ revealed quite how much fast food the President would eat in one sitting.

POTUS' go-to McDonald’s order was “two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish and a chocolate malted.”

However, when promoting the book on CNN, Lewandowski revealed a little detail about the President’s eating habits that the authors of the book had failed to mention:

“Well, he never ate the bread, which is the important part.”

News anchor Alisyn Camerota had asked Lewandowski whether he was ever concerned about how much fast food the then Presidential candidate was eating.

He went on: “So it was really just, you know, there's a couple of fish sandwiches and a couple pieces of meat and a drink.

“And, you know? Was I concerned? No. He was so busy campaigning, we didn’t have time to sit down for a meal.”

However the reason why Trump never ate the bread is not clear - could he have been trying to cut down on gluten? Following the keto diet? Just not a fan?

Last month, registered dietician and nutritionist Emily Field advised people to order two burgers rather than a burger of chips, not to save calories, but rather to eat food with more nutritional value.

Perhaps Trump is simply trying to increase his protein intake for those all important #gainz.

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