Designer dinners: Fashion favourites - including Jean Paul Gaultier and Manolo Blahnik - reveal their perfect dishes


Friday 18 April 2014 14:28


Favourite dish: English Breakfast

"I have discovered the 'English breakfast'. English food isn't a revolution for me but the English breakfast, yes. I love first to take the fresh orange juice. After, eggs with bacon, fried or scrambled. If not, I love the Scottish salmon with scrambled egg. Then I take toast and marmalade, I like also the muesli and sometimes the porridge. I like the Earl Grey tea or English Breakfast. I love sugar, so always we end with sweets, even at the breakfast!"


Favourite dish: Osuimono soup

"Why do I love it? It's totally reviving; delicious to the taste buds, modern in its Raf Simons-like simplicity, and makes you feel virtuous as it has almost no calories!"


Favourite dish: Marks & Spencer cottage pie

"When I was growing up, my mum used to buy 20 packs of cottage pie from M&S and bring them all the way back to Greece, every time she was in London! Now I'm finally in London I can have it all the time."


Favourite dish: 'Cocido Madrileño' (chickpea stew from Madrid)

"I love it because it is the dish of my childhood. It reminds me of my roots and it simply tastes delicious. When I am in Madrid I always go to a restaurant called Lhardy, this old, traditional restaurant – amazing. The Ritz in Madrid do a very good one, too. So I alternate between these two places for my favourite dish."

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