The most commonly mispronounced food words - and how to say them properly

For the last time, it's 'KEEN-WAH'


Elsa Vulliamy
Saturday 16 January 2016 16:48

In modern day Britain, we pride ourselves on sampling food from all over the world.

The only trouble is, while we're very good at eating it, we're not much good at saying it.

How many times have you called quinoa 'kin-oh-ah'?

Are you guilty of calling the cherry on your cocktail a 'mara-sheen-o'?

The Co-Operative and Oxford English Dictionaries have teamed up to compile a list of the most commonly mispronounced food, and provided a handy guide to show you how to really say them so you can shine next time you go out for dinner.

Click on the flipcards below to find out if you're pronouncing these words right.

Now who looks good on a date?

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