Meringue coffee is the latest creation people are going crazy for

Would you like some coffee with your sugar?

Rachel Hosie
Monday 28 November 2016 18:03

With every coffee shop on the high street offering a plethora of flavoured syrups and the annual launch of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte having become an event in itself, it seems people can’t get enough of sugary coffee.

But one cafe in Seoul, South Korea, has taken things one step further with their creation of meringue coffees.

Not meringue-flavoured coffee, but rather coffee - simply espresso and milk - topped with a huge meringue.

Unlike whipped cream, the meringue doesn’t melt into the coffee below but can be dunked in.

Given the increasing number of people shunning dairy, the drink, called Paul’s Meringue Factory, will likely be hugely popular given that meringues are dairy-free and milk alternatives can be used in the coffee.

Much like freakshakes before them, the towering creations have unsurprisingly gone down a treat on instagram.

But the cafe, Take-Out Drawing, is known for its creative concoctions - they also serve huge cream-filled cakes, cocktails that resemble sunsets and “Iceberg Macchiatos”, where espresso is poured over frozen milk.

Of course, a meringue coffee is somewhat more indulgent than your standard espresso, but all that caffeine and sugar - not to mention the thrill of having sampled such an instagrammable drink - is bound to leave you buzzing (if only briefly).

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